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Behind Closed Doors: What Happens at a New Image Consultation

There are many questions, worries, and uncertainties that keep clients from coming in for an initial consultation. Maybe you’re not sure what you need or want from New Image. Or you’ve been wondering what can be done about those crazy wrinkles or that super tired look—even when you’re not tired! Or perhaps you’re afraid that you’ll be pressured or oversold…

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October 2018 Specials

Save $100 on Filler Filler up! It’s that time again—don’t miss out on your opportunity to purchase filler at this great promotional price! Buy 2 syringes and save $100!   Special Pricing on CoolSculpting? Is that little black dress calling your name for the upcoming holiday season?   Purchase 4 cycles of CoolSculpting and automatically join “The Cool Club” with…

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The Real Truth: Why It’s Healthy to Care About Your Appearance

Something strange can happen after we get married or are committed to a long-term relationship and it’s not necessarily good!! We go from the dating phase-taking great care and pride in making sure we present our most appealing self to our potential mate (all very primal of us, isn’t it?!) to, after years of partnership, slipping into either not caring…

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