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What Do You Expect? Treatments With The Most Visible Results

Expectations are very powerful. To either encourage or discourage. In life, we go through ups and downs, and how we weather the downs is affected by our prior expectations, what we focus on going through it, and our outlook in response to the storm or challenge. Needless to say, 2020 was a year of many downs and challenges. What were…

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New Image Promotions

Have questions about our current New Image promotions or ready to purchase? Call the office at (740) 774-7444! This month is all about taking your results up a notch. Pairing this with that to get your best results! Want to learn more? Don’t miss out on our Facebook Live Tuesday, March 9 at 7 pm! Summer Is Coming–Sculpt Your Perfect…

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Reflections on 2020 from Roxy and Dr. Madsen

2020, wow! We are leaving this year understanding that perspective is everything! Like everyone, we have many thoughts about this year! We’ve experienced much uncertainty, disruption, disappointment, and even fear. Our pastor has been teaching on this each Sunday summing up the impact of this year so well. We can relate to much of it and know that our perspective carries…

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