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Our Newest Anti-Aging Laser Treatments | Moxi + BBL Hero

We went to a Sciton educational weekend in Nashville a few weeks ago. We were blown away by the results that their newest technology is delivering, so blown away that we had to bring it back for all of you! Let’s meet our newest anti-aging laser treatments from Sciton!

What is Sciton?

Sciton is a company that creates lasers to provide aesthetic treatments, everything from rejuvenating facial treatments to laser hair removal. Of course, a few companies make these types of machines, but Sciton is by far the leader in this industry, making the best laser and light technology to provide the best and most consistent results. That’s why we have chosen to work with them in our 15+ years of practice!

What’s new?


Sciton refers to Moxi as their preventative and prejuvenation technology. This treatment is gentle, quick, and super effective. It’s considered a precursor to the Halo by correcting initial signs of sun damage and aging without the same kind of downtime or a maintenance treatment to be done after Halo.

What does the Moxi treat?

Pigmentation and sun damage

Uneven skin tone


Stimulates collagen production to keep skin looking youthful and bright

Where can you get this treatment?


Neck and chest




Who can get the Moxi?

We love the Moxi because it is suitable for all skin types, and it can be done all year long without the sun restrictions of other laser treatments like Halo or BBL. It’s ideal for clients looking for prejuvenation treatments to maintain their youthful skin, those looking for a light touch-up treatment, or those who want to correct their skin but can’t manage the downtime of Halo. 

How many treatments should I get?

Treatments are recommended in a series of 3 to start. We also suggest continuing annual treatments for ongoing maintenance. 

How does the treatment feel?

We will apply a topical numbing cream 45 minutes before treatment to diminish discomfort. We are so excited about this treatment because it’s very tolerable for our clients, and it’s so quick – less than 15 minutes to treat the face!

What should you expect after treatment?

You will be a bit red immediately following treatment, but it will dissipate within a few hours. Some clients experience swelling and slight redness the following day. As the MENDS (microscopic epidermal necrotic debris, aka small pieces of dead skin tissue) start to show, the skin will feel rough like sandpaper, but visually it sort of looks like you have a tan. MENDS is what you want! Lots of them! We must clear this out to make room for fresh new skin! It’s best to let that fresh skin breathe and heal, but if you like, you can apply high-quality mineral makeup to your skin to camouflage the MENDS. You’ll also want to be sure to keep your skin hydrated. We suggest using our post-treatment product lineup of Alastin products, as these are explicitly formulated for post-laser treatment skin. 


BBL Hero (High Energy Rapid Output) is very much like our current BBL treatment, but they have made some improvements that we know our BBL clients will love:

Faster treatment time – less than 15 minutes to treat the face

More comfortable treatment – the new technology allows for constant motion treatments and keeps the temperature more consistent 

Better, more consistent results – 4x the speed, 3x the peak power, and 2x the cooling

Treat larger areas quickly and more comfortably

Curious about these new treatments? Set up a consultation, and we can determine the best treatment plan for you to meet your skin health goals!

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