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Expect Something Different at New Image

Once upon a time, New Image was the only place in Chillicothe where you could have aesthetic injections and laser treatments; but our little city has grown and changed a lot since we started 13 or so years ago (and we are so glad for it!). At New Image, we strive to enhance your natural features and keep you looking forever young (and feeling confident). But we think you’ll find something different and unique at New Image: value and experience.

Value: Giving You All The Information & Only Recommending What You Need At Competitive Prices

At New Image, we want you to feel comfortable and at ease as we talk through your aesthetic needs. Although it is often said that time is money, and clearly, there is some truth to that, we don’t rush through consultations or treatments. It is important that we understand where you’re coming from in your concerns as we evaluate and make recommendations for treatment options. We strongly believe that interactions with our clients, whether it’s in person or online are invaluable in providing a positive and effective outcome to your treatment, and a pleasant and informational experience.

We see many clients who visit other practices and say to us that they felt confused (and rushed) about what they were actually paying for and what to expect. We never want our clients to feel that way and work hard to ensure we provide you with all the information.

We don’t always come out and say it, but we always aim to be a value to our clients (and their wallets). So when we started back in 2008, we wanted to keep our prices at a reasonable and attainable range. And we maintain that goal today, staying competitively priced with other providers in the area and far less expensive than those in Columbus.

Experience: Years of Expertise & Physician-Provided Treatments

When it comes to your face, you want someone who knows what they’re doing. We don’t always like to show our age, but for the last 13 years Dr. Madsen and I have worked together to assess and recommend treatment options. And we commonly work together in the treatment room. There are not many aesthetic practices you’ll find where a physician is administering treatment as Dr. Madsen does at New Image.

We want you to leave our office understanding the effect of time, what causes damage to your skin, and what treatment options are available to either prevent or slow down the evidence of the “blessing of more years.”

We will always be honest and clear about what is realistic in a treatment outcome.

In all the years we have been doing this, our goal has been the same; that you feel better and encouraged and you alone can define what that means. Each client has their definition and we have loved seeing clients over the years experience great results in their treatments as they are consistent in treatment and product. There is no greater feeling than a confident and happy client!

We know that you have choices when it comes to who you trust with your treatments–whether that be here in town, in Columbus, or elsewhere. Thank you so much to the clients who continuously trust us.

Cheers to many more years,


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