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Which Body Sculpting Treatment Is Right For You

As I write this post, we are less than a month into the new year. So, of course, we are using this as motivation to reset and refocus. How am I feeling? What needs to change?

Personally, I (Nicole) am not big on new year’s resolutions. So much pressure. I never follow through and tend to stick to goals better if I make them and evolve them through the year. I have found that if I set a lofty goal for the new year (put more money in savings, Bible study every morning, cutting all sugar from my diet, no pasta, workout four times per week, read every night before bed instead of binge-watching TV starting NOW), I’m not very gracious with myself when I fail. But maybe that’s just me! And honestly, not the point of this blog post. So I digress.

Back to the questions, we ask ourselves every new year (probably because we just ate more cookies and candy inside of a month than we do through the other 11 months of the year), how am I feeling? What choices can I make that will be better for me?

If health goals are on your list for 2021, keep reading. If not, keep reading anyway. This might be some food for thought. Was that a pun? 

I would venture to say that one good choice can lead to a string of other good choices. If you feel confident in your body, if you feel healthy and strong, you’ll make better choices about what you put in your body and what you do to your body. If you look in the mirror and like who you see, that radiates outward, impacting other areas of your life. It’s a ripple effect.

Body sculpting at New Image can be one of those good choices that has a ripple effect on your health goals. If you reduce unwanted fat from an area that has been bothering you or tone your muscles, would you want to make sure to maintain those results by taking care of yourself?

Body Sculpting at New Image: Which One, When, and Why?

Let’s start with an overview. At New Image, we offer three body sculpting treatments: CoolSculpting, EMsculpt, and Kybella. Each treatment serves a different purpose based on the area you want sculpted, your starting point, and where you’d like to end up.


What it does: Kills fat cells by freezing them, allows for a reduction in inches. 

Treatment areas: Chin, arms, back, abdomen, flanks (aka love handles), inner thighs, outer thighs

CoolSculpting is a body sculpting treatment that causes fat loss treatment, not a weight-loss treatment. Which sounds strange, but they are different. When we lose weight, our fat cells shrink, and when we gain weight, they expand. When we have fat loss (aka treatments like CoolSculpting or liposuction), our fat cells are removed from our bodies forever. Now, CoolSculpting is non-surgical fat reduction, whereas liposuction is not. You can read more about the differences here.

We tend to see two kinds of CoolSculpting clients: someone who has been active in their health journey with regular workouts and healthy eating but can’t seem to get rid of a stubborn pocket of fat; or someone starting a health journey (but within 30 pounds of their goal weight) who wants to see some change as motivation to keep going. Both great reasons for sculpting! But if you are more than 30 pounds overweight, we may suggest a different treatment plan.

A CoolSculpting treatment plan looks different for everyone, so at your complimentary consultation, Roxy will walk you through what’s possible based on your goals and your budget. With each CoolSculpting application (we call them cycles), you will have a 20-25% reduction of fat in the area. Three weeks after your first round of cycles, your body will start to change. We can treat the area again in as early as four weeks, but we often like to wait 6-8 weeks for a proper assessment to decide if more cycles are needed. Some clients are happy with their results after one round of cycles, but some have a clear goal in mind and are ready to get it done!

CoolSculpting Before and After

To be transparent, CoolSculpting will not always firm up lax skin. We see it happen with clients who are under 40, but it is not typically the case for clients who are 40+. It can also depend on the area that is treated and the condition of the skin before treatment. If you have CoolSculpting and are left with lax skin that bothers you, EMsculpt might be the answer.


What it does: Causes your muscles to contract to tone, strengthen, and tighten the treated area; may reduce inches and cause fat loss

Treatment areas: Biceps, triceps, abdomen, glutes and calves

EMsculpt is a boy sculpting treatment that is a workout without the work. It causes the equivalent of 20,000 muscle contractions in a 30-minute treatment, and you aren’t sore the next day…which is mindblowing. 

There is a range of reasons why our clients decide to get EMsculpt. Some are looking to strengthen muscle groups to enhance their workout routine. Specifically, the abdominal muscles to support their back muscles. Some want to achieve a more toned and tight body, i.e., a six-pack and a perky behind. Some use EMsculpt as a way to tighten, lift, and see more change after CoolSculpting. These are all great reasons!

EMsculpt treatments start with a series of four treatments received over a two-week time. Often, after just two or three treatments, you’ll begin to notice a difference in your strength. Four weeks after the fourth treatment, you’ll see your full results in your strength and tone. Some clients choose to continue treatments to see a more significant change. After the initial four treatments, you can have individual booster treatments for the area.

EMsculpt Before and After

If you plan to maintain your EMsculpt results, you’ll need to exercise the area 3-4 times each week with a booster treatment every three months. As it goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it. If you don’t work out at all, you’ll need to have a treatment every month. EMsculpt over a gym membership? All the muscles with none of the soreness? I’ll take it.


What it does: Dissolves fat cells.

Treatment areas: Chin (submental fat)

Kybella is an injectable sculpting treatment that dissolves fat. It’s FDA-approved for use under the chin. We typically recommend and use Kybella when CoolSculpting isn’t a viable option. Meaning your chin fat doesn’t fit in the CoolSculpting applicator. Often, smaller chins benefit from Kybella because it allows for a more targeted sculpting.

The number of Kybella treatments we recommend depends on the starting point and your goal. Many clients are pleased with results after one treatment, but we often see the most success and the biggest change with a series of treatments. The great thing about Kybella (as with CoolSculpting) is that once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good! 

Kybella Before and After

So, there you have it! We’ve seen so many clients happy with their body sculpting results. It’s really one of our favorite ways to help our clients feel confident in themselves! If you’d like to get more in detail and ask questions, schedule your free consultation

Cheers to making good choices that lead to more good choices!

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    That is great information… I have been looking for something like this for quite some time as to my husband has been dealing with a few of the same issues. I agree, it is usually us women that do the most research on health related issues. I am a stylist and find that I see quite a lot of men with the loss of hair issue that you speak of.

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