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But What Is a Resurfacing Treatment?

Your FAQs About Resurfacing Treatments Answered.

Whether you’ve dealt with skin issues your entire life or you’ve found issues crop up with the season or due to aging—you deserve to enjoy vibrant skin. Why? Because when you feel good about your appearance, you feel good inside and your confidence shines thought—literally. In fact, “feeling good inside your skin” takes on a whole new meaning!

Everyone’s skin is different, and everyone has those areas that trouble them. In this post, get all your questions answered about our skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments to deal with scarring from acne, spots, uneven tone, wrinkles, and more!

What is a resurfacing treatment?

A resurfacing treatment refers to a laser treatment that, well, resurfaces your skin. The benefits include reduction of lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, and pore size, brightening the skin tone, improving the overall texture of the skin, and kicking up collagen production for tighter and thicker skin.

At New Image we most frequently use the Halo Pro by Sciton. This resurfacing technology is actually the first of its kind and is the gold-standard in hybrid fractional laser resurfacing treatments. It uses a hybrid of ablative and non-ablative laser wavelengths in controlled zones   to stimulate fibroblasts. In basic terms, it puts thousands of very tiny holes in your skin to stimulate collagen production and, at the same time, vaporizes the top layers of skin to remove old, damaged skin and give you some really amazing results.

In certain scenarios we will couple the profractional resurfacing treatment with a Halo Pro treatment to tackle scarring or significant wrinkles and volume loss.

Is there down time if I have a Halo Pro?

There is downtime after receiving a Halo Pro. But one of the things we love about this treatment is that the downtime is significantly reduced from resurfacing treatments of the past when at least 8-10 days of healing time was needed. Depending on the depth of the treatment, high-quality mineral makeup like Colorescience or a mineral based product like Alastin HydraTint can be worn in as little as one day after receiving a Halo. For deeper treatments, we usually recommend 4-5 days.

Why is Halo Pro the gold standard for resurfacing treatments?

The Sciton Joule platform includes many treatment options, including the Halo Pro. At New Image we aim to seek out companies that are testing new technologies and products, and who provide the most extensive research and trials. We’ve been big fans of Sciton for many years and when they came out with the Halo Pro we couldn’t resist. It provides better results, faster, with less pain, and less downtime. 

When will I see the final result from having the Halo Pro?

Initial results are evident 5-7 days post treatment but the skin continuously improves over a period of 6 months. We schedule follow up appointments at two weeks to review progress and proper product usage to support the new developing tissue, three months for pictures and at six months to document and assess your final results.

Do I have to use physician grade skin care if I have a resurfacing treatment like Halo Pro?

We do require the use of Alastin skincare in the immediate days following a resurfacing treatment, because they are designed to support the skin and improve results. In our experience, using other products can impair optimal results, cause overly dry skin, or an inflammatory response (acne). 

How often do I have to have a Halo Pro to maintain the results?

Daily use of SPF and physical blockers (like hats) provide results that are longer lasting. This is because ultraviolet rays are what causes a breakdown of the skin (i.e., discoloration and wrinkles). So protection from UV rays, along with the use of skin care products that have a higher percentage of active ingredients (professional or physician grade products) will support the skin and maintain results for longer periods of time. 
We see our clients consider repeating the treatment every 18-24 months depending on their lifestyle. Another maintenance treatment post Halo is Forever Young BBL.

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