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The 5 Top New Image Treatments for Men

It’s about appearances and overall health.

It’s possibly a misconception that the services and treatments we offer at New Image are only about appearance. While some of them certainly are, because I think we can agree that looking good can equate to feeling confident and add to our emotional health, we are also concerned with the physical health of our clients. It’s important to us that we have treatments that assist with healthy lifestyles and healthy bodies. It’s also a misconception that the services and treatments we offer at New Image are just for women. Men care about their appearances and overall health in a lot of the same ways that women do: looking and feeling too old, extra weight, lack of muscle strength and tone. And this care and concern translates across so many things we do. There are obvious things like staying physically active, having balanced diets, regularly visiting doctors, maybe covering grey hairs. Then there are maybe less obvious things like how we care for our skin. 

Here are some of the top treatments men are seeking to affect their appearance and their overall health:


Some men like their wrinkles (or maybe are just indifferent about them). Something about being in the workplace and needing to be seen as a smart man that should be listened to. But at some point wrinkles change from something that makes you appear more experienced and perhaps wiser, to something that makes you look tired, ragged, burnt out. So, Botox. Botox is the #1 aesthetic treatment in the world. It’s an easy treatment and in a short amount of time (3-5 days) the result is smooth(er) skin and fewer wrinkles with the look of more energy.

Before treatment

After Halo, facial filler, and Botox. Notice the dramatic decrease in forehead wrinkles.


Broadband Light Treatments (BBL for short) are going to correct visible vessels, redness, and sun damage (possibly precancerous spots). With results in 7-10 days and little to no downtime, this is an easy treatment that can make a big impact. For men that want to stay ahead of their skin damage, a treatment done every 3 months is ideal, especially if you’re not so great with the sunscreen. With more BBLs, you’ll see improved texture and skin tone. 

Before Forever Young BBL treatment

After 3 Forever Young BBL treatments. Notice decreased redness and brown spots in the cheeks, also an improved overall texture.

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is not just an issue for women. Men can struggle with bumps and irritation from shaving, ingrown hairs, or the feeling of being too hairy. Laser hair removal is a simple fix. After 6 weeks you’ll start to notice a big change in the amount of hair in the treated area, and after a full 5 treatments hair growth will be reduced by 95%!

Body Sculpting: EMsculpt + CoolSculpting

The introduction of CoolSculpting and EMsculpt to the New Image treatment lineup has been a real breakthrough. These are treatments that make a huge difference in the physical health of our clients, as well as their emotional health and the confidence they feel about their bodies. The old adage that “a belly is a sign of success” is just that…old. 

EMsculpt firms, tones, and strengthens muscle. Many clients come in wanting to tone and strengthen their core muscles but we also treat arms, glutes, thighs, and calves. For some, this is about achieving a toned body. For others, this is about strengthening their bodies so they can exercise without injury. Great results are seen after a minimum of 4 base treatments and booster treatments are recommended.

CoolSculpting targets pockets of fat, freezing them and eliminating them from the body. This is an effective treatment for under the chin, arms, midsection, and thighs. Results vary for each client based on the number of treatment cycles received. Within 1 to 3 months after one treatment, clients can expect a 20-25% reduction of fat cells in the treated area, which means less fat and more confidence! 

Before CoolSculpting

After one CoolSculpting treatment to the flanks. Notice the decreased size in the midsection.

Positive body image isn’t just something women strive for, men do too, and not just for themselves but for their partners. As a wife, I want my husband to feel confident about who he is and what he looks like! And I want him around and taking care of himself, inside and out, as long as possible! If you want to have healthy skin or a sculpted body and you’re curious about what New Image treatment might be best for you, book your consultation now.

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