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Getting Back To Your Life After COVID-19

Will it ever be the same?

We had the freedom to do what we wanted when we wanted according to our desires, schedules, and bank accounts. We could see who we wanted and go where we wanted without fear of getting sick or getting someone else sick aside from normal colds and flues. If something didn’t seem right physically the question was how soon can I see the doctor rather than is it safe to go to the doctor? 

It certainly has become a strange new world, with many conditions outside of our control. We have lived a life of freedoms that were easy to take for granted. Did we ever imagine not being able to go out to eat, go see our families and friends, travel somewhere on vacation, stay at a hotel, enjoy the wonder of a cruise, take our kids or grandkids to the park, go shopping (even if it was just window shopping), have a community event, and of course, get a pick me up with an aesthetic treatment? More than that, who could believe churches would be shuttered and handshakes and hugs forbidden?! Without a doubt, this strange, restricted world has been like a bad movie, especially for those on the frontlines and those who have family or friends infected with COVID-19!

So, how does this real-life bad movie end? That remains to be seen. Life must go on, we must function, we must make choices on how to proceed. Is it possible that we will be subject to government-mandated shutdowns again in the future? I suppose all things are possible but I think many of us would hope not! The overreaching spirit of fear has taken hold of our country and I suppose, in many ways, the world. People often don’t want to look at others in the eye; instead of pulling people together in a crisis, it seems many have been scared away. 

The warmth of a smile, a handshake, and a hug have been intimidated away. Our challenge is to endure and walk through the crisis. We must expect the future and hope that is ours when fear is put down and hope once again prevails. We can do this. Life will go on and we must find ways to be warm, accepting, sensitive to others, and better instead of bitter.

Hopefully, you have been able to use this unusual time to evaluate your purpose in life and what holds the most value to you. What do we do when it seems the rug of security and predictability has been pulled out from under us? We are all finding that out in one way or another. We have been challenged in different ways, but all challenged nonetheless. 

I’ve always known that I’m a people person and being near my family is a top priority. I felt that if we worked hard and with a good attitude we could, to a certain degree, control our financial destiny. I thought that I put ALL my trust in God and His promises as my source of peace..and then COVID!

Every trial we go through shows our true source of peace or lack thereof. My confession; I don’t like being told I can’t see my children and my grandchildren, and I don’t like not having the choice to work or not to work. I miss regular interactions with people. So yes, all of this has challenged my peace and showed me there is still a part of me that relies on my own insight and choices for peace and joy, but did it change my faith in God? No! It showed me how easy it is to think negatively if I’m not careful and wander down the path of fear and criticism of others with different thoughts than mine. It reminded me that it is a daily choice to choose peace and joy, patience and understanding of others and above all that this time on earth is but just a season preparing for the next!  

So, now what!? We go forward. Carefully with consideration and determination not to succumb to fear or bitterness but to continue to be grateful for what we have, those we love and take the opportunity to encourage people through this season! I think we have all learned to be more conscientious of exposure to germs in general…that’s a good thing! As you may know already, at New Image we ask anyone symptomatic with fever, cough, or shortness of breath to not schedule until symptom-free or reschedule if you already have an appointment. Per state guidelines, we recommend a mask. Be consistent in washing your hands upon arrival. We are doing the same, disinfecting surfaces in between clients, and doing what we can to keep social distance. 

Are we glad to gain some sense of normalcy as we are able?! Of course! Will we go back? No, let’s go forward! It’s the best way! We look forward to seeing any of you that desire treatment, and yes, some encouragement in the New Image office. Life does go on!

Be encouraged! Stay healthy!

– Roxy

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