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5 Holistic Habits to Take Better Care of Yourself This Year

It’s a new year, well—it’s actually already the second month of the new year!! New year resolutions have most likely come, and gone. That’s ok—really! It seems to be a common trend to decide to make a change in habits or lifestyle only to throw in the towel by the end of January (if not sooner!) Lol! No worries, because ANY time is a good time to make changes to take better care of yourself.

So I invite you to be a new trendsetter with me! Let’s decide to take care of ourselves this year and at the first of every month you can pick from one of the following approaches to stick with for the next 30 days:

Continue a healthy habit—such as regular exercise or eating less sugar. 

Start a new healthy habit—perhaps something you haven’t done before.

Make one change for yourself—don’t get hung up on what others are doing.

Turn Your “Poison” into a Love Potion Physical exercise is always good as is eating fewer carbs, more protein, and less sugar! Pick your “poison” and turn it into a love potion as in something that will help you love yourself more. For example, if you drink more coffee than water, try to reverse that and make sure you drink at least one more glass of water then cups of coffee. Your body will be glad you did and so will your skin.

Give Your Skin Some Extra T.L.C. We tend to forget that our skin is our first line of defense and the largest organ we have, yet often given the least attention. It takes assault daily from the environment and ultraviolet rays and we complain when we look in the mirror! Add a new support product for your skin and if you’re wondering what that should be just drop in or give us a call and we’ll make some suggestions.

But, Roxy—How Will You Take Care of Yourself I Hear You Ask? 

I will continue to faithfully go to the interval strength training class Mon, Wed & Fri at 6:30 a.m. and focus on drinking more water daily! I want to stay strong and as trim as possible so I will add in a bit of EMsculpt! It’s amazing! And of course, I will continue with my Alastin skincare regimen daily to support this nearly 63-year-old skin! Eeek! 

I am grateful for these products that help slow the evidence of my blessing of years! I just had my every four-month Botox treatment—it was time! Lol! 
Will you join me in taking care of yourself? You are totally worth it! We’ll be here to cheer you on and assist in any way we can!  “Just call our names…and we’ll be there!” Wow! Did you hear the music? Lol! I know that dates me! And that’s all good! Happy 2020!! Let’s make it a great year!

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