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Thank You 2019, from Roxy

New Image Founders Roxy & Dan.

The end of another year! Wow! We are grateful for all our clients who have trusted us to help them with their aesthetic needs! It is our joy to assist you with your desired treatments and a great blessing to see our regulars as well as the new faces that come our way!

Honestly, we feel like we have so many friends at New Image, both newer and not so new (that sounds better than “old”, doesn’t it?) that we enjoy seeing and swapping life stories and circumstances with! It is a joy to see pictures of loved ones and special times that you choose to share with us! There is always time for a quick photo share from our amazing camera phones these days! 

In fact, it seems the “never leave home without Mom or Grandma’s brag book of pictures” is a thing of the past—we have them close by always with a quick peek at our phones! Do you ever go to your photo album on your phone and just scroll through and smile and remember and hopefully always whisper a “Thank you Lord” for these blessings? I do 🙂 

✨2019 Highlights We’ve Been Blessed to Witness ✨

New Image Founders Roxy & Dan on vacation in Florida with family.

My personal highlight: a week-long beach trip to Anna Maria Island, Florida

So, as I scroll through both my personal memories and those I’ve been blessed to witness at New Image, these are some of my highlights from 2019 that have truly touched my heart:

  • Early in the year, we prepared for the return of Girls’ Night In 2019 after a two-year hiatus. It was especially fun to see the joy and anticipation of our guests (yes, that was some of you!) as we attempted once again to share a fun, informative evening of what New Image is all about! Of course, the excitement of having your name drawn for a give-away is always priceless! 
  • In May, we shared with dear friends the marriage of their youngest and our Godson! It was a wonderful week on the Carribean as I often say, “blissfully detached” from all things work-related! Many of you have cruised this year as well and we loved hearing about your escapades and helping you prepare!
  • We had a couple of visits from Dr. Madsen’s 87 year “young” mother all the way from northwest Iowa. If you’ve browsed our picture books, you’ve seen her featured in our post: Am I Too Old to Get Work Done? and her decision to get some “help” with Botox and filler! As the blessings of more years show, our injectable treatments help any healthy and willing soul and she enjoys the exclamations she receives from her friends: “Bess! You look so good!
  • Probably the personal highlight of the year was our week-long beach trip with our kids and grandkids to Anna Maria Island in Florida. It was very low key. Hanging out with the family at the beach and sunscreening like crazy! Lol! Not really a beach lover—I loved every minute of it! 
  • Almost daily, you share your personal blessings: children and grandchildren excelling in school and athletics, or perhaps 4-H, upcoming or just past weddings, the birth of more family, the receiving of new jobs/promotions, the building of new homes etc… AND WE LOVE HEARING ABOUT ALL OF IT! Thank you for sharing your joy with us!!
  • Of course, there are sad times that you trust us enough to share too and that is a part of life! We trust God to carry you through and when you choose, we gladly pray for you as well.
New Image Girls’ Night In 2019.
New Image Girls’ Night In 2019.

Highlights from Girls’ Night In 2019

Wait, You’re Completely Ready for Christmas?! 😲🥳🤩

At the time of this writing, we are all preparing for the Christmas and New Year season. Well, some of us are still preparing 🙋‍♀️, and amazingly many of you are totally organized and on the ball and READY! I’m always so impressed and challenged to do better next year when someone tells me they are COMPLETELY done—all buying, wrapping, cookie making and even card-sending DONE! And if you are still in the habit of doing that…GOOD JOB! You inspire me 🙂

I remember growing up we prepared quite a pile of Christmas cards to send out and received many back. My paternal grandmother made awesome Christmas decorations from them and hung them from the ceiling in the corners of some of her rooms. I’ve said to many, she was the first “re-purposer” I knew, finding another use for something and it was always very creative and beautiful! 

Then it seemed in our early years of marriage and family, the season of writing an annual letter and enclosing it in the Christmas card was the thing to do! Honestly, I only got about three of these done and sent once I started working with Dan in the practice. But I did enjoy receiving them—I didn’t consider them “braggadocious” as some would say, but rather a great way to know about someone that you didn’t get to see often. And when I would get a card with a signature only I would feel I was missing something! Lol! 

Of course, now with the use of Facebook and Instagram, we can keep up with people (at least those that post often—guilty once again of not posting). Confession: I enjoy seeing updates from friends and families on FB but can get “sucked in” and lose a lot of time! But I still enjoy reading an update letter if I receive one! 

What to Expect From New Image in 2020 💁‍♀️

So in honor of this tradition, this annual “Year in Review” blog post is the online version of our annual letter to you, the New Image community. Here’s what I want to let you know that we’re most excited about as 2020 opens its new doors of possibility:

  • We are introducing a new treatment! It’s called EMsculpt and helps firm and tone muscles and reduce “goodness” at the same time in the abdomen, gluteals (yep, you got it, the booty), triceps, biceps, and calves. I am very excited about not only the sculpting aspect of it but the support of the lower back when strengthening the abdomen.
  • We are seeing more men all the time at New Image which is awesome. You know ladies, we’re not the only ones that like to look good and it blesses me when I hear a man talk of his desire to look good for his special someone 🙂 
  • We are planning a Sculpting Clinic for late January—an opportunity to focus on treatments for sculpting the body. Stay tuned for more info 😉
  • We look forward to seeing you and assisting you with your aesthetic desires, yes purposely I didn’t use “needs”—after all, it is very true that the wonderful treatments we have at New Image are not “needs” but wonderful options! So we’ll recommend, you choose and we’ll work together to achieve what you’re looking for. 

Finally, from all of us here at New Image, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to you for your support this year, for sharing with us your stories, your dreams and desires, and for trusting us to try something new. We wish you a safe, happy, and blessed holiday season and we can’t wait to share an exciting 2020 with you very soon!


Roxy xo

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