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Roxy’s Must-Have Summer Skincare Lineup

The #1 source of wrinkles comes from not keeping your skin moisturized. Here’s how to reduce those fine lines as you find yourself out in the sun this summer.

The summer sun has a way of making us feel young and free, but our skin old. Granted many people prefer that tan or bronze summer color but accumulated over time causes significant skin damage. As always I will tell you to enjoy the sun but do your best to prepare your skin for summer and know how to protect it from the sun’s damaging rays. Here are a few tips:

Get an SPF & Use It Religiously

Getting it is only as good as applying it. Remember there is NO sunscreen (or “block” as many people call it) that will protect you for more than 90-120 minutes. Do your best to reapply after this time has passed. You will screen a portion of the rays but never all of them and that is better than none of them!

I know there are many sunscreens on the market but try to purchase one that has more mineral blocking in the form of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and less or no chemicals. Of course, we have some physician-grade sunscreens available that will provide more blocking than anything over the counter with Alastin or Colorescience.

A Daily Moisturizer to Replenish What The Sun Steals

Enjoying the summer sun also “steals” your skin’s moisture so you need to replace it on a daily basis, ideally twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. This should not be overlooked as dry skin is a huge factor in wrinkles. The drier the skin the more wrinkles there will be! Alastin’s Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer is a great option. Cerave is also a good dermatologist recommended over-the-counter moisturizer.  In general, use a moisturizer that has no alcohol base as the alcohol counters the benefits of the moisturizer. And if you really want to ramp up your moisture base, come in for a HydraFacial!! This is a great treatment to replace lost moisture!

Antioxidant (At Minimum Around Your Eyes)

Besides the “drying out” of our skin, the other thing happening from the ultraviolet rays is damage to the collagen layer which can be slowed down with the use of products containing antioxidants.  These free radical fighting elements (antioxidants) inhibit the damage done when ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin at the cellular level. Generally, a once a day product should be applied in the morning. Your options at New Image are SkinMedica’s Vitamin C&E Complex or Alastin’s Skin Nectar or Restorative Skin Complex.  

If you don’t want to deal with this all over your face, at a minimum use a good eye cream on the delicate skin around the eyes such as Alastin’s Restorative Eye Treatment Cream. The delicate tissue around the eyes is one of the first areas to show wrinkles and damage from the sun.

So, there you have it! It’s easy as 1-2-3!  Enjoy your summertime activities with confidence and peace of mind knowing that you are doing your best to protect your skin and prevent wrinkles from worsening with:

  1. A good SPF that YOU USE 🙂
  2. A daily moisturizer twice daily
  3. And, for the very best, a daily antioxidant product.
  4. P.S. A great hat is always a great addition!

Your skin will show you its gratitude!!

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