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Do Men Really Get Aesthetic Treatments? Yes. They. Do.

It’s not often talked about in public but men really do get aesthetic treatments…surprised? I think there is a general idea that aesthetics is only for women and that men aren’t as concerned about their appearance. But I’m sure that many of you women agree that is not always true.

The reasons why may be different, but the sentiment is the same: men want to be attractive to the women in their life and the women in their life want them to stay healthy and strong as well.

1. First, How’s the Health of Your Skin?

What I see is that women are concerned about their man’s health—and skin health is a part of that. In the world of sun damage there are a lot of scary issues out there, so maintaining with laser or one of the other top five treatments men are getting is a very doable thing. And addressing these health issues on your skin will also make you appear younger & more attractive.

2. Yes, Women Care How You Look (We Aren’t The Only Ones Who Should Be Trying)

Beyond health, some ladies might be looking at their spouse and thinking to themselves, “Baby, you’re looking a little tough”. Women like to look at good things, including their men! So they think back to what he used to look like, and what does he look like now? In my age bracket (Roxy) we’re really starting to see that aging happening. And although we look good, if we can make ourselves look better—why not!? And men want to look good and feel confident about themselves too. Men want to remain attractive to their wives, and that’s a good thing!

3. Ask Yourself: “I’d Feel Much Better About Myself If I Were To Address _____”

There’s also this illusion that men aren’t supposed to care how they look, that it somehow makes them more manly to let themselves go. The old saying was, “The gut is the sign of success”—said by no woman ever! And I’ve yet to meet a man happy about their gut.

Listen—it’s OK for you to do this, to take care of yourself and if your manliness comes from avoiding keeping up your appearance, you’re subscribing to a magazine that is no longer being issued.

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