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Before & After: Why Men Want Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin

New Image is only for women—they’re the ones that are most concerned about their appearance”—of course, is not true!. And of course, the work done at New Image is not just for appearance but also about skin health.

More men each year are not only noticing the “blessing of more years” but are also concerned about the condition of their facial skin due to years of excessive sun exposure. Sometimes that exposure is from leisure activities in the sun (who doesn’t like a sunny vacation?), sometimes from time working in the yard, and often the men we see have had years of working in the sun—think farmers, landscapers, roofers, and even cell tower repair and maintenance, like a couple of men we have recently treated.

These men are examples of one of the above and for them improving the health of their skin with a laser treatment for resurfacing and often some filler to replace lost volume brings a healthier glow, less rough and leathery skin, and the removal of potentially pre-cancerous cells.  The filler brings some youth back and who doesn’t like to appear as youthful as possible? As women, “We don’t care what our hubby’s look like” is not something I hear.

Most of us want to keep our partners around as long as possible (lol) and therefore want them to take care of themselves in all regards, including their skin health. If the man in your life is concerned about his appearance and the evidence he sees of the “blessing of more years” and the damage to his skin, send him in for a consult! We’d love to assist him with his concerns (or your concerns for him—he deserves to look and feel your best. Either way, remember: everything we do at New Image is a privilege but of course there is nothing we have to do!

Before Halo Pro, Botox, Facial Filler

After Halo Pro, Botox, Facial Filler

Before Halo Pro

After Halo Pro