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Why Forever Young BBL Is Your New Favorite Treatment

You’ve often heard me say, “We can’t STOP the aging clock, but we can slow down the evidence of the aging”.  NOW we can say: not only can a Forever Young BBL (FYBBL) treatment regimen reduce the appearance and evidence of aging, a study based out of Stanford University now validates the Forever Young BBL (FYBBL) protocol showing changes at the genetic level!

These treatments enhance the expression of longevity-related genes in aged skin cells; essentially reversing the aging process and returning skin to a genetically youthful state! Here’s how it works:

How It Works: Forever Young BBL


This is exciting!  Not only can we change the aged appearance, but the FYBBL also helps our skin act younger at the molecular level!! So what does this mean and how is it different than the BBL we’ve been doing for 11 years?

1. More Than One Wavelength

The protocol is different using more than one wavelength of light at each treatment which addresses underlying reds, pigmented lesions (brownies:), and skin firming/texture.  You’re essentially getting the benefit of three treatments in one!

2. Skin-Specific Treatment Plans

Just as it is often needed (and recommended) to have more than one BBL to treat browns or reds, the number of treatments of Forever Young BBL is dependent on each individual’s skin condition and desired outcome. For aged-damaged skin, a plan of three treatments every 2-4 weeks to bring correction, followed by annual maintenance of 3-4 treatments over 12 months is recommended.  For younger, less damaged, skin an annual treatment may be enough. For those clients desiring a faster correction of damaged skin, paring with a Halo Pro is an option as well.

3. Look Out Molecules!

The outer appearance diminishing the damaged look is not the only response. There are changes bringing your skin to a more youthful state at the molecular level too!

4. Minimal to Zero Downtime

FYBBL is an easy treatment to receive with little to no downtime and only a topical anesthetic application 30 minutes ahead of the treatment.

How is the treatment similar to the standard BBL?

  • It is the bright light treatment as before.
  • It requires sun screening and moisturizer before and following the treatment.
  • There can be minimal redness post-treatment for up to a few days as well as darkening of “brownies” until they come off in the first 7-10 days. It is possible to get a bit of swelling below the eyes which reduces in a couple of days.

So, your options are to treat damaged skin and improve your appearance OR do the same AS WELL AS reverse the aging clock at the cellular level. With diligent maintenance treatments and protective support products, you can absolutely have younger looking skin down the road!! Certainly an amazing option and well worth consideration!

If you’re ready to embark on this mission, let’s get started in the month of February at a promotional price! Check out our specials page!


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