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What to Expect from Aesthetics in 2019

That’s a loaded question when you’re talking about Dr. Madsen! Lol! He’s the agent of change and thrives on it which means you never know what’s around the corner!! And after nearly 40 years of marriage, I can honestly say, I’ll tell you what I know today of his plans but “the wind may change direction tomorrow!”

What’s Coming: Forever Young

One of our newer treatments we are recommending is Forever Young BBL! The name alone is appealing, right? For anyone who has had a BBL (broadband light) treatment in the past, you are somewhat familiar with the technique but there is a new protocol called Forever Young. It has studies out of Stanford University validating its claim in the name through scientific study—that’s exciting! Honestly, I think Forever “younger” would be more accurate, but the ring isn’t as good! We’re very excited to bring this to our clients!

Plus, Something For The Guys!

And what about for the men in our lives? Once upon a time aesthetic treatments to reduce the evidence of age or years of sun damage was thought to be just for women. Apparently, it was because we are the only ones that “needed” to stay looking as young as possible, and, after all, men are awesome when they’re rugged and burly—well that depends on who’s asking! Lol!  We are seeing more men at New Image who also want to stay as youthful as they can. They’re looking to reverse the years of damage to their skin that often makes them look much older than their wives!!

Check out this man who, after spending years on rooftops and working construction outside was able to switch livelihoods and decided to “getter done”! He still wants to look good for his lady—who, by the way, happens to be our own, Kim, at New Image! Stay tuned for our 2019 emphasis for men!

Before New Image Treatment

After New Image Treatment

What’s Staying: Our Most Popular Treatments

Still going strong at New Image are:

  • Halo treatments for time-friendly skin rejuvenation with amazing results
  • CoolSculpting to reduce those stubborn pockets of fat that won’t reduce with lifestyle changes of eating right and exercising
  • The popular HydraFacial that hydrates and brightens our countenance
  • And, of course, the ever-popular injectables of Botox, Kybella, and fillers!
What’s Going: Volbella + Mineral Makeup

We are no longer carrying Volbella that was developed for lip plumping with a 1-year duration. We actually found it to be no longer than 6 months and in our opinion, Vollure is a better option with a definite longer duration. Colorescience is a pure mineral makeup that we have carried for 11 years. We wanted to make this available for our clients as a healthy makeup that has no fillers or ingredients for after a laser rejuvenating treatment or on a daily basis. We will continue to carry the basic foundation and the Sunforgettable SPF brushes but have diminished our inventory. For some great savings, check out our remaining inventory in our $5, $10, and $15 baskets! It’s worth a look!

So there you have it! What’s on the “burners” for 2019 at New Image!  Look forward to seeing you!

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