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7 Benefits of Halo Pro You Didn’t Know About

When you think about Halo Pro, think Tone, Texture, and Tightness—the 3 T’s! Or you could also consider them: Tidy, Tenacious, and Total! Sun spots, wrinkles, acne…Halo Pro is capable of so much more than you might realize. Get “in the know” and learn how this treatment can rejuvenate damaged skin and quite literally make you brighter than before! Read on to see why.

1. Makes You Brighter (Minus the College Fees)
Because the light doesn’t get sucked into the damaged dull layers of your skin any longer, light reflects off your skin better—so you’re literally brighter than you were before.

2. Gets Your Glow On
As you age, your skin tone naturally becomes dull with a yellowish cast. With Halo Pro your actual skin tone changes from dull and yellow to a lighter, softer, more even tone, reducing the yellow cast and bringing the youthful glow you once had!

3. Tightening + Volume
You know those areas you complain about the most: lines and wrinkles around your mouth and eyes? Well, when we thicken the dermal layer underneath, the outer layer wrinkles lessen. Halo Pro will help you smooth out your skin while diminishing your signs of aging. It can also tighten your skin dramatically, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reducing the appearance of volume loss.

4. Healthier Skin, Please Step Forward!
When it comes to your skin, smoother is always better! Old, damaged outer layers of skin are removed and new fresher healthier skin comes forward.

5. Deepens Collagen Layers
The collagen layer that gives your skin its plump look will get off the bench and in the game again restoring a healthy thickness to the supporting structure of your skin. With Halo Pro, the collagen layer will increase in depth over time—diminishing lines and wrinkles.

6. Sends Reds & Browns Packing
Paired with BBL to reduce reds and collections of browns, the Halo Pro greatly reduces the evidence of those years and the sun damage that came with them. Whether it’s reds from vessels or brown from over-production of melanin (or both), they’re sent packing, clearing the way for that light-reflecting glow that comes with a Halo Pro.

P.S. Want to ratchet up the improvement? Get a Forever Young BBL with your Halo Pro! (We’ll talk about that another day:) )

7. Move Over, Scars
You can dramatically improve acne scars when combined with a Deep Laser Profraction. Think of a scar as a “rut” in the road—if we push a dirt mover with a blade over it the rut will still be there.  But if we fill it, we can then smooth it. Our skin is stimulated on a deeper level to increase collagen from the inside out, bringing volume back from the under-layers while we smooth the outer layers equals scar reduction!

Pre Halo Pro + Profraction                                          3 Months Post Halo Pro + Profraction

So, you can improve your Tone with the tidying of Halo Pro, smooth the Texture with the tenacious effects of Halo Pro, and have a Total improvement with the tightening of Halo Pro.
Is it time (there’s another T! lol) you bring the 3 T’s to your countenance?

P.S. The Time—we didn’t talk about that. It takes less downtime for this terrific tide turning   (couldn’t resist more t’s!) skin resurfacing treatment. On average 3-5 days with the application of physician-grade skincare, including Alastin Hydratint, that gives protection and a bit of cover to that new pink skin!

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