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Behind Closed Doors: What Happens at a New Image Consultation

There are many questions, worries, and uncertainties that keep clients from coming in for an initial consultation. Maybe you’re not sure what you need or want from New Image. Or you’ve been wondering what can be done about those crazy wrinkles or that super tired look—even when you’re not tired!

Or perhaps you’re afraid that you’ll be pressured or oversold for a treatment you don’t want (ugh!)? Maybe you think it will cost too much, and there’s nothing you can afford that will make a difference?

Don’t let these worries stop you. Here’s why:

A consultation at New Image begins with me, Roxy (Dr. Madsen’s wife of 39 years—in case you haven’t met us yet 😊). It’s my opportunity to get the scoop from you about your concerns and needs and to help you to feel at ease. Dr. Madsen will also join us within that 30-minute time frame and make his recommendations.

Our goal in your consultation is to answer all your questions and clearly lay out (within a written treatment plan) all the possible treatments that would be best for you, and what they would cost.  We do not believe in high-pressure sales! You may enter the consultation feeling a bit nervous, but we want you to leave feeling well-informed and confident in your decision (whatever that may be). NEVER pressured or super stressed! You will even hear Dr. Madsen say: “This should be fun and exciting, not stressful!

What we do at New Image is provide opportunities for you to choose to do something you want to, but nothing that you have to!! It truly is our pleasure to meet people and make suggestions. We do not do “package” treatments for “today only!” We firmly believe in our affordable and competitive pricing, and work to earn your trust and find the best treatment path for the concerns you have. This is time well-spent in our opinion so we can make the best recommendations for you to consider.

Which is why we hear comments after consultations like: “Wow–I didn’t realize I could get all of this done for that price!” and “I thought I’d need even more work done than that!” and “I can’t believe you were that thorough to make sure I get what I need (and want)!”.

When time permits and our clients are ready to book in, we can provide an injectable or first hair treatment on the same day as the consultation. We will schedule any other laser treatments for another day.

There is much to be covered in most consultations, and I often feel like a machine gun rattling off all the information we want you to know before making a decision. The vast majority of our consultation clients are pleased and often surprised by the level of information we share. And no worries, if it’s too much information too fast, the signed treatment plan obligates you to nothing but offers you a road map to follow should you decide to proceed.

We look forward to meeting you (if we haven’t already)!

P.S. Every month we list new specials—keep an eye on our website and sign up for our email to get the inside track! In addition to Brilliant Distinctions, we do our best to offer clients exclusive offers they can’t get anywhere else.

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