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5 Ways to Reverse Your Neck Age (Without Plastic Surgery)

Tired of wearing turtlenecks or scarves all the time to hide your neck? Girls, this one’s for you!

If you look below a person’s chin line, you can see a reflection of someone’s actual age. Why do I say that? As you may know, there are various aesthetic treatments to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, replace volume loss which reduces sagging and creases and improve the texture, tone, and tightness of facial skin with laser treatments. And of course, then there is the most dramatic treatment, a complete facelift!!  With these treatments, we certainly can reduce the appearance of our chronological age.

Fantastic news…but….what happens when the eye drops to the neckline? Gasp!

Have you ever heard of a “bobblehead”?  You know, that small character often placed on the dashboard of a car that has a head that “bobbles” around with movement? There is clearly a separation and loose attachment of the head to the body, causing the movement and drawing the eye.

Although perhaps not an appealing analogy, I have often seen (and you may have as well) an amazingly youthful face on a much “older” neck and it brings to mind a “bobblehead”.

I would say that three out of four women express dissatisfaction with the appearance and feel of their neck. Specifically, they are unhappy with:

  • Submental fat – also called “chin chub” or a “double chin.”
  • Lax skin and folds
  • Wrinkles also called “necklace” lines
  • Roughness and discoloration.

Four Treatment Options for a Younger Looking Neck

Good news ladies!  There are treatments and products that will help you manage the changes in your neck and decollete skin.

1. Kybella to Reduce Fat
We can reduce the “chin chub” with Kybella, an injectable that dissolves fat cells never to return!! This also causes some tightening to the skin in the area of treatment. It usually requires two-four treatments, depending on the degree of submental fat. For those people (men included) that weight loss doesn’t bring change here, this is amazing!


2. CoolSculpting to Reduce Fat
CoolSculpting is another great option to reduce the fat under the chin and has been approved by the FDA to bring some tightening as well. The decision to use either one of these treatments is best evaluated at a consultation where the width, height, and depth of the fat can be seen.

When we have more skin than the tissue it covers, and that skin is thinning, there will be wrinkles and sag. Genetics, sun damage, and the “blessing of more years” all contribute to these undesired issues, and plastic surgery will provide the most tightening. But for those who do not have the inclination, or perhaps budget, to have surgery, the following will slow down the evidence of your “blessings”

3. Alastin Restorative Neck Complex to Improve Texture and Firmness
Applied twice daily this product shows amazing improvement in skin texture while firming, reducing wrinkles, and brightening the skin. This is the conservative method and will require patience.


4. BBL to Reduce Discoloration
For discoloration of reds or browns, a BBL (Broadband Light Treatment) will diminish, if not remove this. A series of two-three treatments, two to four weeks apart, may be needed when treating more significant damage.

5. Halo Pro to Address Texture, Tone and Tightness
Sciton’s hybrid fractional laser addresses the texture, thinning AND skin tone issues with the most punch! One or two of these, 8-12 weeks apart, goes a long way to smooth, firm, reduce wrinkles, and brighten the area.

So there you have it!  We can slow down the evidence of the passing years with any or all of these treatments and hopefully NEVER get the “bobblehead” look! Hold your head high and appreciate your blessings!!

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