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Love Your Hands Again – Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse

I just hate my hands!

I often hear this from women as they realize their hands reflect their age just as well as any other area. Due to genetics, thinning of the skin, loss of volume subcutaneously, and sun damage bringing brown spots and crepey skin, it is not uncommon as “we’re blessed with more years” to see more vessels and also tendons showing on the top of our hands.  

Many of us love to wear pretty, stylish rings and have our nails done. But then again do we want to bring attention to our hands!?

We have done BBL on the top of hands for years to reduce the brown spots, but now we can add to that with an injectable, Radiesse. It’s the only dermal filler proven to immediately restore volume loss in the back of hands for a smooth, natural-looking result that won’t give away your age. Plus, it’s’ the first and only filler deemed safe and effective by the FDA to correct lost volume in hands. Read more about it here

Roxy’s Hand Rejuvenation Test Drive

Sound squeamish to have needles put in the top of your hands? Once again, I can speak from experience:

  • It’s not as “spicy” as having injections in your lips!! It does have lidocaine in it, so that helps.
  • I found that as I was being injected, in the few minutes following, the top of my hand was a bit achy…of course, right? The inflammation begins when we penetrate the skin, and we have some swelling which causes some discomfort.
  • After being injected, I placed a light layer of cooling gel on them and kept my hands at my heart level when I could. I also took an Ibuprofen which made the whole process totally tolerable.

Below is a picture immediately after injecting my right hand.  You can see that immediately there is an improvement compared to my left hand. (We don’t have a picture of my right hand before, although it’s always been my most prominent age reflecting hand. Dr. Madsen was anxious to get started! lol)  


The second picture shows my hands after one week. You can really see the difference now!

It was time to do the left hand for sure! We tweaked the right hand a bit as well 😉 **


**You don’t have to have your hands done on separate dates. Our schedule dictated this division even though it only takes 15-20 minutes! I also am right handed, and didn’t find having a bit of swelling for around 5-6 days impaired my functionality with that hand in case you were wondering;)  

Here is the picture after having both hands done. Definitely better!  

Turning Back the Hands of Time

So what are we doing with this injection? We are injecting a product that brings volume back to the dermal layer of the skin where the collagen is. It also stimulates further collagen production.  This volume replacement makes the vessels and tendons that are visible to be less so, if not completely “out of sight,” bringing that youthful look back to the hand! The longevity is around a year, which of course will vary from person to person.

Most clients will require a syringe of Radiesse for each hand, of course depending on the size of the hand, the level of loss, and the desired outcome. These syringes are 1.5 cc instead of 1 cc which helps go farther. Normally these syringes are $720 per syringe, but during our special Girl’s Night In pricing during July they will be $480 each for the first six clients. For any beyond that, the cost will be $660 per syringe in July*.  

If this is something that interests you, don’t wait! Get on the schedule for your consultation to take advantage of this great promotion!  

*Girl’s Night In pricing is being offered July 9 – July 31 only.


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