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CoolSculpting: Who Is the Right Candidate?

Having excess weight and unwanted fat is a common plight many of us experience at one time or another.  Pounds on, pounds off (depending on the “diet” of the year), gym membership on, gym membership off, weight down before vacation, weight up after vacation, slim before babies, uh-oh not so slim after babies. I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! Oh no!! I can’t lose weight because [you fill in the blank].  

Never fear, CoolSculpting is here! Right!? Let’s talk about that.

Who Is Not the Right Candidate?

As awesome and amazing as it would be to have CoolSculpting freeze away ALL our excess fat without eating a balanced diet and exercising when possible, THAT is not reality nor the intention of the treatment.  So, what does that mean?

  1. If someone is more than 30 pounds over their ideal weight and/or have a BMI of 30 or higher, the treatment is not significantly beneficial to them. Although the treatment will always reduce the number of fat cells in the area treated, it is quite possible it will not be to the individual’s satisfaction.
  2. If someone wants to use CoolSculpting to lose weight without modifying their diet or changing the lifestyle elements that led them to be overweight (i.e. eating more food (fuel) than their body needs leading to increased fat storage).
  3. If someone is significantly overweight and believes they CANNOT lose weight and is unwilling to try.
  4. If someone continues to gain weight and doesn’t know how to lose weight.
  5. If someone knows they are overweight but is unwilling to change their lifestyle to lose weight.

OH NO!! That may sound discouraging! After all don’t a lot of people need help to reduce their fat? Otherwise, what’s the point?


Who Is the Right Candidate?

CoolSculpting is a tool to reduce inches, not pounds. It was originally developed to reduce pockets of fat that are resistant to weight loss and/or exercise and sculpt the area to smaller or smoother proportions. Plus it can be used while a client is on a weight loss journey as a motivator and encouragement to press on toward their smaller, healthier size.

Either of the following are good candidates for CoolSculpting:

Right Candidate 1:
  • Someone who is on the path to getting healthy, knows how and is willing to change lifestyle habits to achieve a smaller, healthier frame.
  • Someone who is within 30 pounds of their ideal weight, and wants to use CoolSculpting to encourage and motivate them along the way to their lifestyle change journey.
  • Someone who knows how to maintain their weight and control weight gain.
  • Someone who has pockets of fat (or as I call it, chub) that are resistant to diet and exercise.


Right Candidate 2:
  • Someone who already has a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise.
  • Someone who is not overweight but…
  • Has pockets of fat (otherwise known as chub) that are resistant to diet and exercise.


If you have thought about having CoolSculpting done, which of the above candidates describes you?  If you are under the “wrong” candidate category, and it’s a serious goal of yours to get healthier and smaller, consider talking with Monesa, our personal health coach, who assists people to find that healthier lifestyle, and get started on your journey toward a smaller, sculpted you.  

It is possible to lose weight, and even without exercising!! Go to our Healthy Habits page to hear more about that. Many people start getting sculpted as they see their weight coming down.

If you fit under “Right” Candidate one or two, give us a call to schedule your FREE assessment and consultation! We love to help people find their smaller, sculpted self!

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