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You’re Not the Only Guy

There is an old adage that I’ve heard for many years regarding men: a belly is a sign of success!

Of course, that doesn’t hold true for women…uh oh!

Whether you buy into that line or not doesn’t matter, I think we all know that excess adipose (a.k.a. fat) is not healthy for either gender. And truly most men want to be “built” which isn’t defined as “a gut” in their words!

How many times have you heard even young men around the age of 30 bemoaning their “muffin top” or “dunlap” that they never had before?!

Is it a change in lifestyle? Less time in the gym, eating on the run in their busy lives to grow their career or support a family? Are there changes in the body as time goes on? Of course! But most often it’s a change of lifestyle and not being physically active.

No matter the way, men of all ages starting in their 20’s often find they have pockets of adipose they don’t like and that isn’t budging even with healthy eating and time in the gym.

That’s where CoolSculpting comes in. And many men are enhancing their healthy eating and workouts with this treatment…really!!


Blasting the Fat That Won’t Budge

About 25% of CoolSculpting treatments are now done on men!

So, NO, you aren’t the only man considering scheduling treatment!

Love handles may sound good but rarely do they feel good! And where is that six pack anyway? It can be found with time in the gym and a boost of fat-busting with CoolSculpting!




Certainly, a natural elimination process via CoolSculpting is better for you than steroid consumption – I think you would agree. And yes, you’ll still have to work hard in the gym to keep that six pack and watch your “fuel” consumption to keep those love handles, and that abdomen, (even if you don’t care about a six pack,) reduced!


Naturally Eliminate Fat Pockets

Post Coolsculpting you will have less “storage units” (about 25% in each area of application) for excess fuel (a.k.a food) consumption but of course only where you are sculpted.  After the treatment, you will be able to eat and drink as much as you like….NOT!!

When we eat more than our body needs it will store the excess wherever it can for future use.

So you say you have more than 30 pounds you need to lose and you might consider CoolSculpting to achieve that goal…

I have to tell you that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss tool/treatment. Rather it’s an assist on your weight loss journey. I have found that my most satisfied clients are those that know how to maintain their current weight, if not lose the excess they have.

Often I hear men and women say they just can’t lose weight because they can’t exercise. Perhaps they have an injury or health issue preventing it. But that is a small part of weight loss and control. The larger part is the food/fuel we consume compared to our needs. Developing healthy eating habits goes a long way to achieving better health and “smaller” bodies.

And if you are not sure how to achieve weight control consider the Healthy Habits Program we describe on our website.  Led and coached by Monesa, a personal health coach who has assisted her clients to lose more than 5,000 pounds in the last three years, it is one way to learn healthier habits and reach your weight goals.

Then, when you sculpt those stubborn areas, you know how to maintain! A win-win!

Give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation! Kim will set you up, and I’ll assess your sculpting needs and associated costs to reach your desired goals!


P.S. Have you been considering Botox for those wrinkles on your face that are aging you but have never “pulled the trigger”?  When you purchase CoolSculpting, you will receive 20 units of Botox FREE.  Try it! I haven’t found a male client yet that didn’t like it!!




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