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Our Guide to Preparing Your Body for Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us very soon!

Often we see someone from a soon-to-be wedding party thinking about how to look their very best for that special day.

There will be photos galore, and although photoshop can do amazing things, to feel naturally lovely and beautiful is what we dream of!

But it doesn’t have to be “just a dream!” It’s our joy and pleasure to help the bride and/or mother, grandmother, bridesmaid, or even groom to look their best and feel confident on that special day.

In fact, We’re currently helping a groom feel his best when he welcomes his bride at the end of the aisle!

Weddings are expensive!!” I hear you say. . . Yep!  

Having married two beautiful daughters “off” to their handsome grooms, and helping celebrate our handsome son’s wedding to his beautiful bride (sorry, couldn’t resist the opportunity to declare the blessing of our wonderfully good-looking kiddos!) we know the “pain to the pocketbook” for these special life celebrations!

With that in mind, we can assist you in finding the most cost-effective treatment to help you feel your best, walking with confidence, and shining on the outside as much as you are on the inside!

For the Blushing Bride: Below are the treatments we recommend to help you shine bright in your wedding gown. We’d love to help you feel (and look) stunning for your big day!

For the Mother and Grandmother: Remember yourself the way you want to be seen! Keep in mind that as we age, the degree of treatment grows because our skin has been exposed to much more than when we were younger. Often it’s showing “wear and tear” from the years gone by.  We really can reduce some of the evidence of the “blessing of more years” so you can radiate your inner beauty and joy for your child’s big day with poise and confidence!

For the Bridesmaid: It is an honor to stand beside and witness the bride’s special day! Of course you don’t want to outshine the bride but instead, add beauty to that incredible celebration! (Perhaps if you’re not already married, you can consider it a “trial run” for your special day someday!)

Recommended Services:

Based on whether you’re the bride, mother, grandmother or bridesmaid, (or even the groom perhaps) these services will vary depending upon your skin type, age, and concerns.

These are the best to consider when preparing for the BIG day:


  • Need a bit of brightening? HyrdraFacial will do the trick!! 30 or 60 minutes.

2-4 WEEKS:  

  • Botox to soften lines and lift eyebrows.
  • BBL to diminish brown spots and brighten your countenance


  • Tear trough filler to diminish dark circles and “bags” (leave the bags for the honeymooners 🙂 Two weeks could be fine, but four weeks gives a bit more “tweaking” time.

4 -6 WEEKS:

  • Halo: to smooth and brighten. So good you might outshine the bride! Not!

6-8 WEEKS:

  • Kybella: injections to destroy fat cells under the chin. You don’t have to have a double chin on that wonderful day! Depending on the amount you may need more than one treatment so looking ahead is best!

8-16 WEEKS:

  • Latisse drops for eyelash enhancement. The only FDA approved and tested for lengthening (8 wks) and thickening and darkening (16 wks). Be ready to bat those beauties!

8-12 WEEKS:

  • CoolSculpting – Need a little sculpting on those stubborn “bulges” to show off that dress better?  Freeze those fat cells away for good!

12-16 WEEKS:

  • Halo w/Profraction is a great treatment to reduce scars you’re tired of slathering with thick makeup to cover up. (Can expect about 50% reduction with each treatment)

There are lots of options! We’ll help you find the best ones for you! You can also check out our May Specials – it will help your wedding budget!

And more than that…congratulations!

Regardless of whether you get some treatment boosts or not we wish you blessings and joy over the top in this amazing life moment! May it be as special as you are!!

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