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Our Live Event: Making a Statement with Hair, Lips & Brows

We recently had a small get-together called the Art of Beauty with our host salon, the Art of Hair, talking about how to make a statement using a few features that are significant to our countenance-our eyebrows and our lips!

The Art of Beauty really encapsulates what the Art of Hair (AOH) on South Paint Street is all about!  Owned and operated by Kayla Simmons, the facility is a beauty all of its own and her love of the artistry of what she and her team do with hair for their clients is a work of art as well!

Enhancing Eyebrows


Not only does our hair make a statement about who we are and frame the face, but so do our eyebrows.  

I’m sure you have heard that the eyes are the “window to our soul” and our eyebrows frame them, so we need to see them and yes, even care for them. 

Kayla demonstrated what can be done to enhance our brows with shaping, waxing, and tinting our often faded eyebrows! It’s amazing the difference when we showcase our eyes with well-groomed eyebrows!

Consider a quick and effective eyebrow lift with some Botox at New Image to really brighten your countenance!

Loving Lips

Lips come in all shapes and sizes and affect our outlook on our appearance.

Dr. Madsen did a live demonstration injecting the lips of a young lady who actually had lovely and fairly full lips that were distorted by a long-ago car accident and resultant asymmetry. He was able to bring more symmetry to her lips with the filler, and she was thrilled!


We see lips that are in need of re-plumping, lips that perhaps need some symmetry, and then lips that are lovely but whose owner would like them bigger. The lovely ladies at the Art of Beauty event displayed some of all of these scenarios while mini-consults were done.

There was also complimentary Botox gifted to 12 lucky guests who will come to the laser center to receive it, and a fun Swag Bag appreciated by all 18 attendees!

With wine and finger foods topped off by delicious chocolate-covered strawberries from Chillicothe’s own Sweet Williams, the evening was a great success!

As always we enjoyed interacting with the guests and look forward to serving any esthetic needs they may desire!

Thanks for opening up your beautiful salon Kayla! You definitely have a gift, and have added quite a gem to downtown Chillicothe!

So ladies, (and gentlemen too) if your eyes need a bit more showcasing, check out the Art of Hair stylists and then consider a bit of Botox at New Image to bring a “lift” to those brows and make the statement you’ve always wanted to!

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