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Roxy’s Favorite Transformations

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  

When I think of the hundreds of clients we have served over the last 10 years, I think of different transformations we have witnessed and the wonderful impact it had on their self-confidence and outlook!!

I also think of the great relationships we’ve developed with wonderful people. They both bring a smile to my face!

Here are just a handful of transformations that come to mind!

(Don’t feel overlooked or left out if you’re not here. Not everyone allows us to use their pictures but you can be sure your picture comes to my mind too, but of course “I will never tell”! 🙂

  1. Plump Lips Again

This client said she wanted to have “the plump” back in her lips. She has wonderfully shaped lips with that amazing cupids’ bow but, as is common as we are blessed with more years, they just were “shrinking”. Lovely or luscious lips? You decide:)

Lips before “plumping”


Lips after “plumping”

  1. Midsection Rescue

Sometimes life can throw us for a loop and really challenge our self-confidence and sometimes, or should I say, most of the time having the blessing of having a baby really does a number on our midsection even when we eat right and exercise! That’s when CoolSculpting comes to the rescue!  Love the confidence returning to this Mamma as we work on sculpting. This is after one round of treatments so she is a “work in progress.”

Midsection before CoolSculpting

Midsection after CoolSculpting

  1.  One Chin is Enough

Ever heard of generational blessings? Well, sometimes the genetics in the family don’t feel like blessings! My “baby” sister is a good example of this with her “double” (or what for her, felt like “multiple”) chins. She developed this by young adulthood in her 20’s even while being trim.

Now having just turned 50, she is over the top thrilled with her reduced chin after four treatments of Kybella.  This picture is after only three so it’s even better now (she lives in Cinci – our schedules don’t mesh too well! lol)

Chin before Kybella

Chin after Kybella

  1. Look Tired All the Time?

Looking tired even when you’re not? That’s what this client told us at her consultation.

A bit of Botox to calm down the lines that are there from facial movements, some filler to replace the youthful plumpness in her cheeks, along with BBL to get rid of the “brown spots” that use to be freckles (but are starting to feel like age spots,) bring such a boost to her countenance!  

Two things here ladies:

  1. No you were not born with freckles, and
  2. Those lines are there because of facial expressions you make…really! Facial expression is wonderful, we just soften the movement so you don’t develop deep lines. It’s never too late to backtrack some years and an early start with Botox can be proactive in reducing the lines that will come without a bit of Botox on board!

Before Botox, filler, and BBL

After Botox, filler, and BBL

  1. Leave the (undereye) Bags at Home

You are not stuck with tear troughs or undereye bags! Volume loss in the face is a normal “being blessed with more years” process. But there is a solution!! With some well-placed filler we can take that tired appearance away. The look of energy returns when the troughs are reduced, even if you really are tired! Lol! After all, we all have those days now and then!

Before filler treatment

After filler treatment

  1. Goodbye Sun Damage

Many years of blessing and amazing enjoyment in the sun can get us to looking older then we are.  With patience and awareness of what the sun will do, Botox to calm the facial movements, filler to replace the volume loss, the amazing Halo skin resurfacing treatment with less downtime and good quality product to support the skin can bring this kind of transformation!  She feels and looks amazing and you can too!

Before Botox, filler and Halo

After Botox, filler and Halo

So there you have it, ladies!!  

Just a dabbling of what is possible! There are so many other amazing transformations from so many of you. Don’t be surprised if I ask you someday if we can share you, too!  Of course, always remember that this will never happen without your written consent! And if you just want to remain “secretly transformed” that’s ok too!

Either way, you bring smiles to our faces and hopefully have a new bounce in your step!!

Wondering about any of these possibilities for yourself? Come on in and we’ll see what we can do for you!  Blessings to you with each additional year you are blessed with!!


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