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Our Top 8 Summer-Ready Treatments

What areas do you want to target to prepare for summer?  

We all have different areas that we wish were different.  

But as April brings a new season and new plant life, it usually also brings new thoughts of warmer months on the horizon!

We begin to think about wardrobe changes, sunglasses, warmer weather, and possibly changes we’d like to consider in (and for) ourselves. 

Here are eight treatment areas you may be thinking about and our top strategies for giving yourself a boost inside and out! Some you may have already addressed, but others might still be on your list of things to take care of:  

  1. Warmer Weather & Fewer Clothes

Warm weather means less bulky clothes and more figure exposure. Stubborn fat in areas that don’t seem to budge even with weight loss and exercise can be reduced and sculpted with CoolSculpting! Yes! It works. Start now as it’s a process of reduction over time as your body naturally eliminates those pesky storage units of fat.

  1. (Too Much) Hair

Hair is lovely on the head (unless of course, you’ve made peace with hair loss as Dr. Madsen has lol!) but what about the face, the underarms, the back, the bikini area, etc. Tired of shaving or plucking? Start a hair loss treatment plan now! You won’t be “done” by summer, but you’ll be on the way!

  1. Get Your Glow On

A dull looking complexion certainly doesn’t make us feel bright like the sun. Don’t let the sun outshine you!!  Consider a BBL and/or Halo laser treatment to bring the glow back to your countenance! And yes, you need to sunscreen daily!! You should already be doing that to prevent more damage to your skin, right!? I’m sure you are!! (wink, wink.)

  1. Luscious Lips

If lovely or luscious doesn’t describe your lips, you are losing sight of your lips, or they’re smaller and more wrinkly than they used to be, consider a filler to restore them to their former glory or for those so inclined, to make them bigger then they are.        

Hyaluronic acid lip fillers such as Vollure (an 18-month product), or Juvederm Ultra, (a 12-14-month product) work great to bring the lovely or luscious back to your lips!

P.S. No worries we do not make “duck lips,” but work to help them look yours naturally!

  1.  Flutter-Worthy Lashes

Hard to see your eyelashes, let alone flutter them!? Latisse is the only FDA-approved eyelash enhancement product that over a 16-week treatment cycle increases length, fullness, and darkening.  A simple drop to the base of each eyelid daily is required, and NO, there are no reports of eyelashes breaking or a visible change in eye color (when used for eyelash enhancement).  

Anyone can use it if they do not have a history of glaucoma or, if they do, with approval from their eye doctor.

  1.  Shorts & Capris are Back ON!

Spider veins are pesky and undesirable AND treatable. They are seen in family lines and often made worse when standing for long periods of time on a hard surface. There are different modalities to reduce them and need to be evaluated by the doctor at a consultation.

Want to see if you can feel more confident in shorts and capris this summer? Call for a consultation. We won’t promise the moon, but instead, give you an honest evaluation of the possibility of reducing those for you!

  1. Dim the Lights on Scars

Scars come in many shapes and sizes – they challenge our confidence! There are laser solutions to reduce them and make them less prominent. The reality is, the skin will never be “as it was” before the injury, whether the scar is from former acne, a surgery, or traumatic injury. But they can be reduced and made less visible with laser treatment(s). Most often it will require repeated treatments. We will need to discuss this at a consultation for clarity and understanding.  

  1.  Get Trim, Stay Trim

Are you carrying a little too much energy reserve on your body? Yes, I’m talking about what can be overused fat cells.

We are blessed with easy accessibility to food with less effort and so many amazing restaurants that often provide way more fuel for our body then we need.Thus, excess weight! And often health challenges as a result.

Without a doubt, this excess energy storage (more commonly called obesity in the medical world) brings with it a challenge to our self-confidence!  

But please understand our heart, if you’re ok “in your skin” even with excess weight on board, we’re ok too:)  For those of you who aren’t, we have a solution, her name is Monesa and she helps people with Healthy Habits and lifestyle changes to get their energy consumption and storage into a preferred place.

Check out our Healthy Habits page on the website to get a picture of some of our experiences and why we believe in it.  

Lots of ideas, lots of options!

We stand ready to help you to find your more confident space and walk into summer standing tall!!

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