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Start Now, DON’T Worry Later

You’ve heard the expression, “Like mother, like daughter?” Well, not only does that apply to personality style, but it also often applies to facial expressions and resultant facial lines!

We see younger women (and some men) coming in for Botox to prevent wrinkles from developing that they see often times on their mother. It’s not uncommon to hear, “I’m getting these lines…,” or “I look so much like my Mom, and I don’t want those lines that she has!”

They aren’t being mean or derogatory. More often than not, they think their mom is beautiful (and of course so are they)!

Here’s a picture of me with my daughters and daughter-in-law. You decide which one looks like me 🙂


They all like to use Botox (when they aren’t pregnant or nursing a baby) and aren’t those PJ’s grand!! Lol! I’m sure you’re quite jealous!!

Young women (and young men) ask if they can prevent those lines from forming.

The answer is yes, with Botox.

If we relax the facial movements that create those lines, the skin can stay smoother (think about not creasing a piece of paper and therefore not causing a line). This “ounce of prevention” can help prevent the “pound of cure” later in the form of laser resurfacing and/or filler.

The key is treating the lines made with facial movements before they become “static” lines/creases that are even there when your face is in a neutral position.

Once the wrinkles become creases, to reduce them will take additional treatment types other than just Botox.

Get a Natural, Softer Appearance (Not Frozen!)

Another common statement is, “I don’t want to look frozen.”

Remember the movie, “Christmas with the Kranks” when Tim Allen’s character had Botox and looked frozen and unable to talk or chew correctly!


We’re certainly not doing that! LOL!

Our reply is “of course! We don’t want you to look frozen either!

Our goal is for you to have a natural softer appearance. This is accomplished with careful observation of your facial movements and appropriate placement/injection patterns.

Although we all have the same general muscles on our face, we are not all the same in our movements and strength of movements which means “ABC, cookie cutter treatment patterns” are NOT the most beneficial and effective.

Dr. Madsen will develop a custom treatment for each of his clients to create the best response and feels strongly about being conservative when beginning Botox treatments.

That means that we are looking for just the right amount of Botox to hold an area relaxed/softened for at least three-four months. I call that the “sweet spot”.

We start with the lower level with an initial treatment as everyone has a different sensitivity to Botox where a little bit may go a long way. We don’t want to over treat. We can increase the amount by nearly 20% without necessarily getting a better response, just spending more of your money!

Our preference is to start slow and evaluate your sensitivity over the first one-two treatments. With careful observation and documentation of your treatment, we can find that “sweet spot” that will reduce your wrinkles or potential wrinkles for the least cost for you.

There is a reason why Botox is the #1 esthetic treatment in the world. It’s highly effective in softening, if not removing facial wrinkles and has an incredible safety profile without a long wait time. Most clients will see effects in three to five days. At two weeks if someone doesn’t have as much response as they would like, they can return to the center for additional treatment. If scheduling or distance from the center makes that two weeks return difficult, just tell Dr. Madsen, and he will be a bit less conservative on your first treatment.

Join the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program

So, besides the old adage, “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today” which seems like a wise directive; another reason to get started with Botox now is the in-house vouchers we have as Brilliant Distinctions providers.

Brilliant Distinctions is a rewards program provided by the maker of Botox, Allergan.

To become a member, you simply call, sign up online, or download their phone app.

If you download the app for Brilliant Distinctions to your phone, they will automatically give you 100 points which will be $10 off. They will ask for your name and date of birth, and will require an email address and password. Once signed in you are eligible to receive points which turn into discounts on future treatments. It is not uncommon for Brilliant Distinctions to have additional promotions for additional savings at times. Right now is one of those times:

  1. As a brand new Brilliant Distinctions client receiving Botox, you are eligible for $50 off a treatment of 20 units or more the day of your first treatment. You will also accrue 200 points which will make $20 off available at your next treatment more than 90 days later.
  2. For a limited time, we have vouchers in-house that qualify for $50 off a treatment of 28 units or more, AND you will receive an email with another $50 voucher in 90 days. With these vouchers between two treatments, you will accrue 400 points which means $40! All total, $140 savings over two treatments! We have a limited number of these vouchers which gives meaning to the expression, “He who hesitates is lost.” In this case, it’s your savings that could be lost!
Have you been waiting and wondering if Botox is for you?

Now is the time to get started! Give Kim a call at 740-774-7444 to schedule your consultation/treatment! We can do them both at the same appointment.

For as little as $220 (unless of course, you take advantage of our available vouchers…then it will be less!) you can start down the road of prevention and keep those wrinkles and creases at bay!

There are also many other steps you can take to slow down the evidence of your blessings of more years, such as quality skincare, protection from the UV rays, tanning with a self-tanner rather than a tanning bed etc

We’ll chat more later!

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