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Botox Is The New Affordable

I remember “way back when” Botox was a procedure that was only associated with the rich and famous. Juicy tidbits of some celebrity receiving Botox, usually around the age of 40, could be seen on those grocery store tabloid magazine fronts. Of course, if you wanted to get the “meat” of the story you had to buy them. . . .which I never did. . .really!! 🙂

Many cosmetic procedures, including Botox, were all very ‘“hush, hush!” and often times it was a little frowned upon (sorry I couldn’t help myself lol!)

But I’m glad to say a lot has changed since then.

Feeling beautiful and getting a little confidence boost should be available to all of us and it doesn’t need to be drastic changes from head to toe!

In fact, I believe that the “rich and famous” have scared many people away from cosmetic procedures because many of them overdo it (think big duck lips and frozen faces with no expression!).

Less is definitely more, and I’m a proponent of subtle changes that people will notice without knowing (if you get what I mean!) Our best compliment from a client is when they report that their friends or co-workers comment on how rested and great they look after they’ve had a treatment and they wonder why. . .:) So, start thinking of your answer now ahead of your treatment so you’re not caught off guard without a ready response when they ask you what you’ve done differently!  

Expensive, Schmensive

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics tells me that in 2016 over seven million Americans got Botox injections, making it the #1 cosmetic-minimally invasive procedure in the United States!

So the great news is that it’s no longer just the well-preserved faces of Hollywood that can afford these treatments ( nor should they be our role models for ideal results!)

We often hear from our new Botox clients, “Oh, I didn’t know this was such an affordable treatment!

  • On the low end, a treatment will cost around $220 and the high end upwards to $550.
  • Clinical trials state that your wrinkles will remain diminished and unseen to the naked eye for a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 120 days.

However, we’ve been in the business long enough to see that results often fair much better and exceed the time frame shown in these clinical trials.

In our clients, we do see results last even longer than five months at times(yay!). But of course, we all know that one-size fits all doesn’t exist, and results are going to be different for every person because we all have unique skin types, genetics, and lifestyles.

Thus your skin will react differently than your best friend’s skin (so no comparing allowed!)

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Thanks to this marvelous little molecule, furrowed brows, tired eyes, and crow’s feet are not just becoming a thing of the past; they’re less and less becoming a thing of the future as well.

Many people are also booking in for preventative treatments. We are noticing more and more young women around the age of 30 (yes, ladies, 30 is young!) who are also adding this procedure to their beauty maintenance routine.

It’s interesting, because our mind is typically set to think that we need to do a complete overhaul from the ground up with aesthetics treatments, and that’s not true.

A little bit of Botox can go a long way, and treating yourself to the consistency every five months or so to a Botox treatment will help aid in preventing future lines and wrinkles from appearing.

You can also save money by scheduling in these kinds of maintenance Botox treatments instead of buying expensive face creams that typically take upwards of six months to see results, if results are seen at all, often times that are double the price of Botox maintenance!

Don’t hear me wrong, I believe in high-quality skincare to support our challenged skin and paired with an injection treatment we can create a “win-win” situation, but you will certainly see results quicker with an injectable on board. . . that’s just how our skin works.  

Bye, Bye Bangs!

And while we’re at it…a final word about bangs.

We hear from many women who’d love to get rid of their bangs, but they like how the bangs cover the wrinkles on their foreheads.

Well, ladies, you can finally say goodbye to bangs! Botox to relax the lines from movement and if necessary Filler to replace volume lost in the deepest creases often called the 11’s or twin towers, is what your forehead has been crying for. Many of our clients are surprised at how affordable it is to keep up maintenance on both of these products.  


One of the things I love most about Botox when done well and subtly is when people say that you look great, but they can’t put their finger on the reason.

So make sure yours is administered by an experienced injector (don’t be tempted by those Groupon offers!!), you’ll look like a brighter, smoother version of yourself, but not plastic-y.

After all, our job is to bring out those gorgeous qualities you already have and make you look more like your natural self (not less!).

And of course, you can’t stop the aging process (and why would you–because we only get better as we get older), but you can splurge on boosting your confidence in your appearance through small Botox maintenances over the years.

So if you want to learn more, give us a phone call to schedule your FREE consultation and together let’s evaluate the area(s) you want to be treated in a zero pressure environment.

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