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The Real Reason Why Your Treatments Don’t Last As Long As They Should

There can be nothing more disappointing than coming in and having a treatment, only to see the results fade faster than you would have liked.


After all, you spent considerable time deciding with us which treatment option is best for you and then spent your hard-earned dollars on it. So it makes sense that you should feel supported afterwards to maintain how far you’ve come.


And that is the ONLY reason why at our consultations we recommend and pair products with your treatment so you can allocate funds towards the right product within your total budget.


It’s simply smarter and more effective to keep up with some post-treatment skin care and it is our promise that we will only suggest and recommend products that will actually support the end goal you are looking for.


Because the truth is, your treatment begins in earnest once you walk out the door and get back to your life.


For example, while a laser treatment can backtrack the damage done from sun exposure, the challenge is that your skin doesn’t function the same when you’re older as when you were younger. The reason that is is because as the years roll on, there is damage that has occurred at the cellular level and a weakening of the skin’s ability to restore it as easily.


Which is why product pairing is essential.


One such product line that we offer at New Image is Alastin that literally encourages the skin restoration necessary that even a laser cannot do while eliminating the broken down and damaged collagen in your skin.


So pairing product with any treatment you receive at New Image will not only allow the treatment to last longer, but will enhance the treatment and give you better results.


Otherwise, it’s like trying to create a new lush lawn of grass and leaving thick layers of the grass clippings on top of your freshly cut lawn! Those grass clippings block out the sun and create brown spots.


Similarly, our Alastin product removes those “grass clippings” from your skin, which is the damaged part of your skin. When you remove the damaged part of your skin, it allows the new skin to come forward, just as new grass would come forward after removing the layers of dead grass on top of it.


So get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support you in your post-treatment phase and let us help you create the best treatment plan that gets you results that last!

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