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The Real Reason Your Treatment Results Don’t Last As Long As They Should

There is nothing more disappointing than coming into our office to have a treatment, only to later see that the results didn’t last as long as they should have or at least as long as you expected. After all, you spent considerable time with us in a consultation weighing which treatment options would be best for you. And then you spent your hard-earned dollars to see the change you wanted to see.

So why did your results start disappearing so quickly? Can you make treatment results last longer? 

The likely answer is simple. Yes. With your skincare routine. 

This is why, during all our consultations, we recommend and pair products as a part of a treatment plan. So you can allocate funds towards the right product within your total budget. It’s smarter and more effective to keep up with post-treatment skincare and it’s our promise to you that we will only suggest products that will actually support your skincare goals. Because the truth is, your treatment begins in earnest once you walk out our doors and get back to your life.

For example, while a laser treatment can backtrack the damage done to your skin, the real challenge is that your skin doesn’t function the same as you continue to age. As the years roll on there is damage that occurs at the cellular level that weakens your skin’s ability to repair and restore itself as easily–which is why product pairing is essential to the health of your skin.  (If you’re really committed then you’re on a steady Forever Young BBL regimen to take even bigger steps to keep your skin young in its deepest layers.)

Pairing products with any treatment you receive at New Image will not only allow the treatment to last longer but will enhance your results.

When we talk to our clients about skincare, we always recommend a professional-grade line first. Why? We can tell you it’s not because we like recommending expensive products for fun but we do it because they work better (and if you know us at all, we want to only give our clients things that will actually work)! In professional-grade products there is a higher percentage of active ingredients. Which means you’ll get more noticeable results faster or keep your youthful skin longer. 

There are countless lines of professional-grade skincare – all of which ultimately will be great to use but the ones that we know, use, and trust are Alastin and SkinMedica skincare. We carry the full Alastin line (these products work like nothing you’ve ever seen!) and supplemental SkinMedica products to start a simple regimen or add to one you already have.

Alastin products are designed to encourage skin restoration that even a laser cannot achieve by eliminating broken and damaged collagen and elastin in the skin to allow for and encourage new healthy growth. If you leave those dead and damaged cells they will squash the skin’s ability to give you new ones! 

Our wish for all of our clients is that you love your results–and we know that you’ll feel the best about your skin if you take care of it. If you’d like to chat with us more about what products would be the most beneficial for you, give us a call! We’d love to share what we know and recommend a regimen that fits your needs, whether that is one of our product lines or something else.

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