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Will you make the most of your summer?


I hope everyone is staying cool this summer!  I don’t know about you but I am always grateful for air conditioning!! I will confess I don’t like to sweat! I especially don’t like the stickiness of high humidity!  If it’s really hot I like to stay “cool by a pool” or in the AC…

We are enjoying hearing of many of your summer plans, various vacations and summer experiences. Sometimes when life is really busy we need to live vicariously thru others and then put some especially cool ideas for travel on our bucket list! lol

Besides our monthly trip to the mountain in West Virginia we don’t have any other travel vacations planned but we are getting a visit from our family in Mexico for a week later in this month of July!! Now that is cool!

We haven’t seen them (outside of Facebook that is) since Christmas of 2015 so we are excited to have them!

How did we “get” a family in Mexico?!

Now that is a cool story 🙂

A bit too long for this blog but suffice it to say that God decided we should connect and in the summer of 2002 we did!  Payo (formally known as Abelardo), his wife Lorena and their sons Dany (named after Dr. Madsen) and Caleb are a solid part of our extended family and such a blessing to know.

Payo is in his 6th year of seven in medical school and if that isn’t enough to keep him busy, he and Lorena pastor a church in Mexico!! If I’m a bit scarce that week (the 15th – 23rd)… I hope you’ll understand. It could prove to be a cool experience for you too!.  Read to the bottom to see what cool awaits you:)

You may recall if you read my last blog that I am determined to spend quality time with friends and family this year… I hope you will too! Here’s a picture of the Martinez family:

We love them dearly and are sure you would as well if you met them:)

I am always amazed and grateful for the cool things that God does to bring unexpected blessing and joy to our lives… this family just one of them!

As we walk our way thru another summer of hopefully cool experiences, whether it be describing temperature or activities; most of us are spending more time in the sun then during the remainder of the year and therefore increasing the amount of sun damage to our skin.

Although the sun feels “heavenly” at times, of course it always has the ability and potential of changing the texture, tone, pore size, and moisture in our skin even with the use of sunscreen!

But don’t be alarmed!

I have always said we must do our best to protect our skin but also to enjoy life and that “heavenly” warmth of the sun and appreciate each additional year we are “being blessed with”.

There is a cool solution to reverse some of that sun damage which seems rather “heavenly” and it’s called Halo!

Now there actually is a dual hybrid laser platform that brings correction to the skin without the standard long downtime!

Not only does it help us shave some years off our appearance reducing fine lines and wrinkles,  it rejuvenates our skin by improving skin tone, reducing pore size, and bringing more of that “heavenly” light to our countenance.

Our skin actually brightens over time (reducing reds and browns)  as old tissue is being replaced!  Now that’s cool!

AND speaking of cool, you may have heard we now have CoolScupting in the building.

It definitely can be described as cool, both by temperature AND experience!

CoolSculpting is the:

  1. World’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure
  2. FDA approved-cleared, safe and effective;
  3. Once treated, fat cells are gone for good
  4. AND WE KNOW THAT IT WORKS! See our before and afters with 1 treatment done. . .

Stay cool by the pool (or in the AC) by taking advantage of these amazing cool opportunities.

New Image Cool Summer Opportunities:

Save $700 on Halo

2 Combination treatments of Halo/BBL’s for $1500   (regularly $2200) available for purchase the week of July 17-21 only or call that week to make your consult appointment to discuss this opportunity. Consults must be completed prior to August 31, 2017.  This price will be honored with purchase the day of your consultation.

* A BBL reduces browns and reds(regularly $350) on the face followed by a Halo with benefits as listed above. (regularly $1000)

** Any written quotes for Halo or Halo/BBL combo treatments prior to this date will be honored

Purchase 2 $600 cycles and save $100 on CoolSculpting

Must be purchased the week of July 17-21 or call that week to make your complimentary consult to see if Coolsculpting is for you. Consults must be completed prior to August 31, 2017. This coolprice will be honored with purchase the day of your consultation.

$100 Vouchers Towards A Vollure Filler Syringe While Supplies Last

While supplies last we have $100 vouchers toward a syringe of Vollure, the new 18 month filler by Allergan particularly good for tear troughs, cheeks, the jawline, and lips when a second injectable is received ie. Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Kybella. These vouchers are good until August 31, 2017.

Double Brilliant Distinction Points Available for Those Who Are Eligible

Anyone having Brilliant Distinctions points that will expire before 8/31/17 are eligible for double points when receiving treatment with Allergan products.  Check your account on your phone app or call Brilliant Distinctions today to see if that is you and double your money!!  Cool!!

Call today to schedule your appointment!

***Special Prices Good Thru Friday, July 21, 2017. Purchase Now, Schedule Later. All Treatments Must Be Used By November 1, 2017