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This Is Not A Diet

If it looks good, smells good, and tastes good – you can’t have it!

Is that how your New Year’s resolution could be described?  

Diets in our western culture focus on HOW we lose weight rather than HOW we eat to fuel our body and maintain health.

They are not fun, they don’t work, are completely unsustainable AND they are usually inconvenient!  

If your New Year’s resolution was to ‘lose weight,’ a diet might be what you had in mind.

And you might even be off track already (and for good reason!).

Could this describe you or someone you know?

“I’m starting my “diet” today. . .well not today because I have a luncheon to attend; I’ll start tomorrow.”

“I need to start on the first day of the week and I’ve already messed that up so I’ll start after the weekend (Oh, but we’re going out out of town so I don’t want to start then…” etc etc etc.

The “eat this, don’t eat that” guidelines, the stress of what you can and can’t enjoy, restricting yourself when there are special events planned, working out new recipes and finding obscure ingredients, feeling like you have to deprive yourself, feeling deflated when you eat something you shouldn’t, not to mention the “yo-yo” effect on your weight (up and down)!

Such drudgery, right?

Put simply; a diet is a temporary and highly restrictive way of eating that does not create the long-term lifestyle changes you need to succeed.
Plus it’s zero fun!

Let’s be real; how often do you think, “Life is short and I’m going to eat what I want, when I want it,” regardless of how it affects your health and weight. We celebrate with food and we want to participate and so often that sabotages healthy weight!

You deserve an approach that will not only get you the result you want this year, but for years (and years!) to come.

Which is why we’re so proud to let you know about a brand new partnership that we’re offering at New Image to help you make lifestyle changes that stick! It’s amazing and it’s a complete answer to our excess weight issues!

Introducing our Healthy Habits Program!

Don’t worry; this is not a “lose 30 pounds and then you’re done” kind of program. I started this Healthy Habit Program 2 ½ years ago.

It’s a phased approach that includes:
1. Losing the weight you want to lose

Not by dieting, but by a two-phased approach using high-quality, medically formulated meal replacements combined with free coaching support.

2. Transitioning how to eat after you lose that weight

We help you build up the knowledge, skills, and support you need to realize health and keep you focused on your long-term goals and dreams (especially when life gets in the way!).

3. Maintaining your ideal weight for the years ahead

Once you achieve your desired weight loss, you will transition into a maintenance plan, which will allow you to put your healthy habits to work to support lasting weight maintenance. Small actions, such as building exercise into your day and eating breakfast, add up to make a significant impact on your overall health.


And to give you the added boost and support you might need along the way, there are two other things unique to this program that we consider to be its rocket fuel:

  1. We are pairing the program with our non-invasive CoolSculpting service! This means at any stage during the program, you can get booked to freeze away the fat in those pocket areas that just won’t budge through diet and exercise. Not only does CoolSculpting work very well, but it will also give you a motivating boost to encourage you and get you to your ideal shape even quicker.
  2. You will have your very own personal certified health coach! Monesa Skosik has recently joined our team and will bring her vast experience in supporting people to achieve life-long transformation and optimal health since 2015. Monesa will serve as your mentor, educator, coach, and friend.
So if this isn’t a diet, what is it?

It’s a way of life. It’s creating lasting habit change. 

And it’s designed to create lasting change. I’ve maintained a healthy weight since the Fall of 2015 and my daughter has lost nearly 50 pounds and KEPT IT OFF!!


A diet only focuses on food choices, keeping us stuck at the surface level and hoping willpower will kick in to make lasting change. It doesn’t.

Long-lasting change comes from making shifts on both the external level of food choices, eating habits, and being motivated by the outside changes we see, as well as on the inside, which includes the mindset that we bring to the table, consciously or unconsciously.

Taking the first step is often the hardest. But we are here to help and to chat more with you to see if this is the best approach for you.

CHECK OUT THE FULL PROGRAM here, and get in touch with us today to learn more!

Above all, let’s resolve to make this year the one that we feel CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL in our skin, not only today but for years to come!  

Leave us a comment below if you have any questions about our Healthy Habits Program or if you agree that diets don’t work!

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