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It Is Good

We always say it–and somehow it always seems to be true… We’re starting another new year! While 2016 brought our family many new joys, it also brought many new ways of adjusting. 2016 was a year of laying my amazing father to rest, welcoming our newest grandson into the family, and many other highs & lows. But I can look back in peace and say–it was still a good year!

Change is good… change is exciting… according to Dr. Madsen who I often tease that his middle name should be change! Whether it’s changing the style of medical practice as we did this last year or changing the make-up of our family (which we also experienced), we can declare it good.

One change was done intentionally by choice (changing the medical practice), and was done with great thought and consideration and planning. If you’re curious about that you can go to our Madsen Medical website here and read about it. It was challenging, not without it’s issues… but in the end, still good.

The other major change, the make-up of our family was not by our choice.  The passing of a much loved and admired head of any family is never desired although we know a part of life. If we had our choice we would keep him with us much longer! In this case we choose to declare it good as we know he has entered an eternity of peace and love!

And then the addition of a grandson, yes by choice, (our son and daughter-in-law’s of course), and definitely good! This we wouldn’t change even if we could!

Change, you see, means life in one form or another. 

Some is intentional and exciting and some not by our choice but never the less can be good. What change may be on your horizon in 2017? Whether it is intentional and by choice or out of your hands, let’s decide now to look forward with excitement and declare all of it–you guessed it… GOOD!

Because life is simply better when you take appreciation in everything the happens, the high AND the lows.

May your 2017 by good.