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Rain Rain Go Away!

Rain Rain Go Away. . .

Rain Rain Go Away!  Come again some other day!

I woke this day to a severe thunderstorm followed later by heavy rain.  As I sat on the back covered deck at our house and watched and listened to the fall of the rain, I was content and I suppose contemplative with a cup of coffee in my hand, cool temperatures that came with the rain. Sitting in a wicker swivel chair created a respite from the busy day ahead. The rain didn’t impact my day, really. Nothing “special” ahead on this day, but a regular day doing regular things; in my case going to the office, having a meeting, answering client calls, and servicing those that come in for treatment, ending with a drive to Columbus with a friend for a Stella & Dot Trunk Show…what fun! A regular day that would keep me primarily inside regardless of the weather.

Is that the only reason I was content?

I pondered the reason for the rain, the benefits of rain and why it is a blessing, depending on our perspective.  The grass, trees, flowers (and yes even the weeds!) need that “drink” to continue. Of course we need them to continue to produce oxygen, so it is good! But what if you are working outside pouring concrete, trying to work the fields, build a house, or even have an outdoor special event? Our perspective changes doesn’t it?

How many of you have said or sung that jingle at times over the years?  Rain Rain Go Away!

Come Again Some Other Day!!  Nearly all of us no doubt have had a special event or day in our life when we wanted sunny skies and a cool breeze (just in case that sunny sky brought high temps:)  I think of our daughters’ weddings both married in the summer, and most recently the saying good-bye to my father, or the father/daughter golf outing coming this weekend for Dr. Madsen and our second daughter, Tiffany. Certainly sunny skies and a cool breeze are preferable!

Why do we prefer sunny skies and a cool breeze?

It’s easier for the event or task at hand, more pleasant, and in the case of outside work, more productive. It’s logical, right!?  We feel fortunate and should feel blessed!

So what do we do when the rain comes?

It is inevitable!  We make the best of the day before us!  I recall Heidi, our oldest daughter, on the day of her wedding waking to a morning of rain…uh oh! Her perspective that day, “I don’t care! I’m getting married inside to the man of my dreams!” Nothing was going to dampen her outlook on the day and what it would bring:)

This should be our outlook on all things, even the hard ones, like burying my much loved amazing father. It was a sunny and hot day and I was grateful. Grateful for the father I had for 59+ years and grateful that nothing was going to “rain on his parade” ever again!! I pondered this morning. I wonder if there is rain in heaven? Most certainly my father now knows:)

So what else is inevitable but not predictable, much like rain, and much like the loss of a parent?

Changes to our face evidencing the “blessing of more years!” Wrinkles, irregular spots, volume loss causing “sagging” and creases where once there were none, will inevitably come at different times and different degrees for each of us. What will be our response? We can most certainly be content with that evidence and thank God for more years, and/or we can make our own jingle:

Wrinkles Wrinkles Go Away! I’ll do what I can to keep you away! lol:)

We are now introducing, Kybella, the much awaited “fat dissolver” for that fat deposit under the chin. A Lunch & Learn is coming in July that will give you the opportunity to learn about it, get a complimentary lunch and take advantage of an introductory cost savings and a chance to win one treatment!  Watch for the email announcement for time and date!

Whether rain or wrinkles are challenging your outlook, always remember life is a blessing!!