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Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!  Zip-a-dee-ay! My of my, what a wonderful day! Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Zip-a-dee-ay! lolReminiscing a bit of a Disney classic there, but the message is great!  We are beginning to enjoy the beautiful sunshine so many of us enjoy and many of you crave!  There is something about the warmth and brightness of that God given light that warms the soul as well as signaling the beauty of spring.

So how did we all fare thru the harsh cold winter temperatures?

I will confess, I love the beauty of winter and it’s icy branches and snow covered landscapes, not so much the bitter cold winds. I’ve often said, “I love snow, everywhere except the sidewalks and roadways”. Of course we all know that doesn’t work! So I welcome the warm sunshine and budding flowers, bushes, trees and the arrival of greener grass!

With the the changing of the seasons comes the changing of our maintenance and yard work.

We put away our snow shovels and ice scrapers, hats, gloves and scarves and out come the mowers, weeders, fertilizers, trimmers, garden gloves…and I hope sunscreens and hats! You’ve heard that from me a few times!

And of course our wardrobe begins to change from long slacks and jeans to capris and eventually shorts.

It’s not uncommon to hear women mourn the fact that although they love capris and shorts they don’t feel comfortable due to spider veins. Good news! There are treatments for them. You can find confidence again in your capris and even shorts with spider vein treatments. Now is the time to get in and take care of it before we hit summer.  And don’t neglect that one area that often isn’t covered thru the winter and its cold drying chapping winds…your face.  Give your face a refreshing hydration with the hydrafacial!  It will clean, exfoliate, smooth, brighten, and give your countenance that hydrating fresh pick-up after the riggers of winter harshness!

For the months of April and May when you purchase a spider vein treatment (legs or face) you can also purchase a 1 hour hydra facial normally $125, for $99!

Mr. Bluebird’s on my shoulder! It’s the truth, it’s factual! Everything is satisfactual!

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!  Zip-a-dee-ay! Wonderful feeling, feeling this way!

Welcome to Spring!  Welcome to new life!  

P.S. It’s true, we are expecting grand baby #3 in September. Noah & Nicole, our great Girl’s Night In MC’s are bringing this new life! Stay tuned. . .the gender reveal is in a couple of weeks!