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How Sweet It Is!

How is it that two months of the new year have passed already? As we jump into March I’m still reminded of all the “sweet things” that the month of February brought (thanks to Valentine’s Day).

What is sweet in your world? How would you describe it:

  • A beautiful bouquet of flowers hand delivered and arranged from your life long sweetheart?
  • A homemade card from a grandchild expressing their hearts with colorful drawings and somewhat jagged letters?
  • A special invitation from your grown children for a lovely brunch at a nice restaurant where they pay the bill?!
  • A delicious homemade meal set at a beautiful table surrounded by those you love topped off with your favorite birthday cake, red velvet with butter cream frosting?
  • A trip to a grandchild’s basketball game to cheer him on as he learns new skills, how to be a team player and how to persevere when he’s tired and just wants to stop?
  • A beautiful homemade box full of wonderfully sweet Dove chocolates, peanut M&M’s and      lined with a heartfelt letter from your daughter and son in law?
  • A long list of personal FB posts wishing you a happy birthday and extolling their opinion of your virtues for all the FB world to see?
  • A telephone call from your 84 year young father who continues to make you feel special even as you push the end of the decade of your 50’s?
  • A double bear hug from your 2 grandsons as they race to see who can get to you first?
  • Your spouse hosing off your car because he knows how much you hate how dirty it is?
  • And the sweet anticipation of an announcement to expect ANOTHER grandchild before the year is out?! Yes, I’m sure that’s coming…although I’m not allowed to talk about it yet! lol

I could go on and on and most likely, or at least, I hope you could too!

Make your own long list of sweet things in life. Sweet is defined by each of us differently, but it certainly can be identified if we just look and listen 🙂 

Yes, this list is mine for the month as you may have surmised. And as you have often heard in the consultation room or procedure room, I am blessed as are you with another year!

Does this additional year of blessing bring on continued change?  Of course!  Can you describe sweet as the opportunity to save $50 on a Botox treatment for you and a friend? If so, give us a call!  

Till the end of March we have a limited number of $50 rebates on a $200 Botox treatment for both you and a friend! AND, to sweeten it a bit further, when you bring a friend you will receive a voucher for a 1 hour HydraFacial or a Vitalize peel!

Both parties must schedule together & receive $200 of Botox to qualify for $50 off each. complimentary Vitalize Peel or HydraFacial is for you (the existing client). You must schedule your Botox appointment during the month of March. Your free Vitalize Peel or HydraFacial must be redeemed by April 29, 2016.

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