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GIRL’S NIGHT IN 2015 is fast approaching. . .long to-do lists are in process, details are being worked out, tickets are being sold, organizational meetings are being had,  and nights of “uh oh, did I get that done?” thoughts are floating thru my mind!

I like to think after 4 previous years of having this event that it is easier and less stressful.  Yes and no.  Have you ever stopped in a similar situation and thought about why you do the things you do, reassess if you should continue, and remind yourself of the purpose behind whatever project or task is at hand. . . again?

A little history behind Girl’s Night IN:  In 2011 after being in business at New Image Laser Skin Center for 3 years we were talking about what new way we could get out the word that we existed and what our purpose was.  At the time Noah, our son, (young, handsome, and brilliant of course, he’s my baby boy, you mothers understand right:) was brainstorming with us and suggested an idea that his father (yes, that’s Dr. Madsen) thought was CRAZY!! Having been taught to “think out of the box” in his growing up, he reminded dad of just that!

Thus, Girl’s Night IN was born:)

Honestly, that first year was marching ahead with anxiety and wonder. . . would people really want to come, would they have a good time, would they leave feeling blessed and informed and of course the ultimate question… did we meet our purpose? This ladies, was the year that a beautiful young lady entered Noah’s life and came beside him to help plan and implement this event.  What fun it was to watch them work together, Noah the visionary and dreamer and Nicole the detail girl with lists upon lists! I could only smile as I saw a “spark” between them grow (of course she is Mrs. Noah Madsen now:). I saw their teamwork, was reminded of Dan & my  teamwork for so many years. It was good… but would this event take off?

To be totally transparent, that first year it was more about knowing my son’s idea was a success and he would be happy, really!  Like most mothers, I wanted him to feel accomplished and confident and I knew that could go either way.  Well, the rest is history as they say. It was nip and tuck right up to the day of the event but in retrospect we met our goal! We had a great turn out and received much positive feedback.  We’ve tried to improve it over the last 4 years and each year we find things that we will do differently next year, isn’t that life?

Why did we do Girl’s Night IN in 2011?  To get the word out, to help ladies have a fun evening away from the norm, to learn about who we are and what we do, to grow our business, and YES to encourage our son!  We did, they did, we did and HE WAS!! Mission accomplished!

Why do we continue? What is our purpose? All of the above but I can also honestly say that now we continue because our clients (some of you) like it and there are still ladies out there that would enjoy a FUN evening away with the girls and that gives us the chance to encourage them!

Still stressful? Yes of course!

Still worth it? Yes again! 

Hope to see you there on June 6th!

– Roxy

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