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Do you remember the multiple choice tests we would take? What a relief to have choices instead of “fill in the blank”!! When we weren’t certain of the material being covered and what the options were, it was such a help; unless of course none of the answers made sense! lol Then it was eenie meenie, miney moe!  Hold your breath and hope for the best, or maybe you were one of the a, b, c, d pattern guessers?  And of course, there was the, “never go back and change your first answer” directive! There always seemed to be regret with that decision!

It was, A., B., C., or D. All of the above. Of course each option we chose on those multiple choice tests had an outcome. We would have it right or we would have it wrong and hopefully the rights outnumbered the wrongs! What we had to do next was determined by the outcome of that test! The feeling of accomplishment and confidence (or perhaps relief!) when we did well or the feeling of discouragement and perhaps failure when we didn’t do so well. We could move on to the next challenge with confidence, or learn to study harder, perhaps different then we had, so there would not be a repeat performance on the next go around if the result wasn’t so good!

Always, no matter what the outcome, we needed to look ahead and make our next move accordingly and yes with confidence, perhaps a bit of fear and trepidation but always with confidence… there was always a choice to be made!

The most memorable multiple choice exam I took was the nursing board exam to be licensed as an R.N. after 4 years of education and training…there were 4 different areas to pass (this was in Iowa, the year 1979!), one of which was Psychiatric Nursing. I’ll be honest, it seemed like a lot of gobbledy gook to me and I felt totally confused when I left that portion!  The amazing thing was I scored the highest on that portion of the exam!! Not sure what that means! lol Except perhaps, when you have “done your homework”, looked at all the options, and made the best decision you could, it will all work out and you can be pleasantly surprised! I know I was!

Every day we make multiple decisions based on multiple choices. There are not always right and wrongs, but certainly better or worse. What we choose is determined by our outlook on life, our understanding, our past experience, and our decision to be optimistic or pessimistic.

In the arena of esthetics with cosmetic injectables, Botox and Juvederm there are multiple choices and options and yes multiple outcomes possible!  Our goal at New Image is to help you be educated in the possibilities so you can make a decision with confidence in what is the best option for you considering the issue you want to deal with for the most effective use of your dollar.  We want you to be excited, (some nervousness is normal) and confident that your choice is good! We work hard to give you the best options to help you get the best outcome!!

So what is the right answer?

A. Botox to calm down those dynamic wrinkles (those caused by movement)

B. Juvederm to fill static wrinkles  and areas of volume loss (there when not moving)

C. Some of both, although I’m beautiful with or without it!


Always remember, these choices are just that…and definitely not necessary but most often result in a pleasant surprise!! Whatever you choose, you’ll be right!!

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