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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…no not those… snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes… yes, that’s part of it…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … everywhere we go … yes, of course … but still …

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas … just like the ones I used to know … where the tree tops glisten and children listen, to hear sleigh bells … yep, I did that!! … and yes, I love a white Christmas!!

Sights, sounds, to do lists, programs, dinners, travel plans, gift giving, singing, eating, remembering … memories … and dreams … There is so much that goes on at Christmas … what is so special about this season? Here are a few of my favorite memories:

  • A juicy orange and box of animal crackers in a Christmas stocking handcrafted by my grandmother …(the one who made something out of everything with her own special touch)
  • Singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” as soon as we entered my Grandma Klahn’s house on Christmas Eve
  • Waiting for my hardworking farmer father to finish the morning chores … watching from my parents bedroom 2nd floor window and seeing reindeer tracks in the snow!!!!!!! Wow!!
  • Walking into the living room squinting into the bar of bright photo lights attached to the movie camera that my father held … and once I could focus checking out the gifts under the tree exclaiming with glee that Santa hadn’t forgotten my request:)
  • Wrapping gifts with my mom or my dad in the room set up just for that with assorted rolls of Christmas wrap, package ribbons, name tags …
  • Going to the Christmas Eve candlelight service and singing “O Holy Night” and feeling and seeing the wonder of only candlelight around the sanctuary …
  • Worrying that dad didn’t have enough gifts under the tree … because you see, mom was the frugal one (and most likely didn’t know what to get Dad who really was quite content just enjoying the family) and counting all the specially picked out gifts from Dad to Mom … particularly the year when I shopped with him and he bought her beautiful high heels with a matching handbag … wow!! He loved showering her with gifts!
  • Up so very late one Christmas eve while all slept … listening for the jingle bells? … no, a little bit older that year;  I was making a gift for dad with the wood burning set so he would have more gifts to open!! lol
  • Dressing up for the Christmas program, feeling so special in my Christmas dress most often sewed by my mom and often matching my older sister’s dress … I didn’t mind:) I only recall one dress that I TOTALLY     DIDN’T LIKE!!  Only one in 18 years of growing isn’t so bad, right? lol
  • Christmas day at my other grandparents; yes I had the blessing of growing up near both sides of the family! … doing a play with my cousins for the adults … hearing their exclamations of wonder!!
  • a few Christmases away from all the extended family while Dan was in training. . .continuing many traditions … but missing something or shall I say someones … and being invited to join “other families” that became like our own …
  • so many memories filled with so many blessings, so many dreams for the future  (that’s for another time:) … did you catch the common thread thru most of those memories? … family, friends, acquaintances …

If you’ve decided that my favorite memories and dreams involve people and experiences … you are right! What are your favorite memories?  What are your dreams for the season? My hope is that you will hearken back to those precious moments/memories and feel the warmth of those blessings as you extend the same to others!   Merry Christmas!!

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– Roxy : )

P.S. If you’re like me and are not yet finished with your gift purchases for the season. . .give us a call! Call by TODAY though!!

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