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Filler Up!

Remember those days? When the car or truck needed gas we would drive to a “filling” station, pull up to the pump and wait for the attendant to come to the window of the car and ask, “Filler up?”  Of course if the price was right and the wallet substantial, the response would be “Yep” or “Yes please” or … you can fill in the blank from your memory bank:)  It was an era of service and not yet the era of “self service” as we are so familiar with now in many aspects of life.

The holidays are nearly here … Are your calendars  ready for “filler up”?  Family and social gatherings, celebrations, special fundraiser events, and for those of you with children in school, undoubtedly multiple special events wait to contribute to the “filler up” directive to your calendar!  It is without a doubt a very busy time of the year …

We start to think about gift giving and looking our best for the many events fast approaching.

I have already heard some folks declare. . .”One more gift and I’m done!”.   I have begun to pick up things when I see them that make me think of a particular friend or loved one … knowing that as the days begin to fly by I will be glad and more relaxed having found a gift that seems particularly suited for them, rather then scrambling for just something to contribute to that, “Filler up” mentality.

I hope as we head for this season of sharing and giving we will all enjoy the time and not get caught up in a “Filler up” mentality, whether it be our calendars or our Christmas bags, or even our stomachs … and we will hearken back to the days of serving others and the satisfaction that brings.

So, if you have a particular “need” or really more accurately “desire” to give a gift of encouragement via a New Image service or product for yourself or better yet, a friend or loved one; we are ready to serve you! A gift card is a great way to allow a choice to the recipient and ease your holiday scramble!

Now that I think of it …”Filler Up!” can also be applicable to those areas of volume loss bringing lines and wrinkles we often see and groan about in the mirror! Juvederm and Voluma are ready to serve you!  Check out our year end specials if you’re so inclined, but above all “Be Blessed”!

– Roxy : )

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