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Too much of a good thing … is that possible?

Well, when it comes to love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, hope … NO!  However, in other realms of life the answer can be YES!! 

How so? 

Many things come to mind … the first one is an anecdote that will “tell on” our handsome red-headed son, Noah, (for those of you who have attended our Girls Night In event, he is the MC).

This story dates back to our early days in Chillicothe in 1993 when early in Dan’s medical practice, and having built our current home and still paying on medical school loans, cash was tight and a nice vacation away was not in the picture, nor could I convince Dan to be gone for an entire week! We decided to have what is now called a “stay-cation” which we called our “Stay at Home Vacation 1993”.

We even made T-shirts to commemorate the event!

Since our house is roomy and beautiful with a pool and there were so many things in this beautiful Scioto valley that we had yet to experience, we hired a responsible teen to stay at the house, cook and clean for us, and even turn down our beds and place little mints on the pillows!! (You see, cooking is not one of “my favorite things” and having a messy house without someone to pick up after us, make the beds, do dishes etc, is not this “delicate flower’s” idea of a vacation!! lol)

It worked out wonderfully and we have many great memories, in fact, when we asked our now grown children what was their “favorite” vacation from their growing up years …

the Stay at Home Vacation was it!!

So what was the too much of a good thing ….

One evening meal for dessert we had “Dirt Pie” (a chocolate pudding like desert in a flower pot with a bunch of plastic flowers stuck in it! lol) Noah absolutely loved it (he was 6 at the time) and ate a huge bowl very quickly and within 15 minutes was bringing it all back up!

In our attempt to calm him and explain what happened we told him he had probably eaten too much, too fast which seemed to help … except for the next few years whenever we were eating he would hesitate and ask, “Am I eating too fast!?”.

That too much of yummy goodness ingested too quickly had left a strong impression and he didn’t want to repeat the experience because it wasn’t pleasant!  Ask him about it the next time you see him at Girl’s Night IN!!

Where is the connection to our skin?

You know I’ll have one, and you’ve probably figured it out already 🙂

Most of us LOVE the warmth and brightness of sunshine and know the benefits of Vitamin D stimulation, but of course too much of this goodness is not good for us either.

Noah has experienced that excessive “goodness” as well, and his skin shows it on his shoulders from getting sun poisoning when he was only 3 years old! Ouch! This mom had some guilt pangs over that one!

Remember not only do we cause cellular damage that displays in the form of brownies in various shapes and sizes, but we lose our collagen faster which of course contributes to “evidence of being blessed with more years”, the ever dreaded wrinkles and sags.

We have some “post summer sunshine goodness consequence fighters” at New Image … and now is the time to counter some of that excessive goodness! If you’re skin has been damaged from the sun this year (as most of ours have) then it’s time to make a quick affordable fix.

Check out our specials page to learn about them! We’re featuring now a new treatment, our Gentle BBL (Broad Band Light Therapy). It is effective and still gentle on your skin With no downtime and it’s ability to be paired with Botox at the same time … you can see why we’re so excited to talk about it.

It’s time to start prepping for the fast approaching holiday season!

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– Roxy : )

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