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Change Is In The Air

. . . the kids are back in school, summer vacations have come and gone, fairs are behind us, and yes the trees are starting to show change.

I was surprised a week ago when leaving our West Virginia get away to see a small red maple tree with one entire branch a fiery red!  It was beautiful although it seemed early:)

It has certainly been an unusual year in the weather department. It seems that we may see the beautiful fall colors earlier than usual this year (at least I hope we do). Which means we could also experience the falling leaves earlier as well!  Are we ready for this change?

I always want to be ready for change … although I must confess it doesn’t come easily to me. 

I am a person of consistency and routine … I can leave my furniture in one place for years!! lol Of course we all know that change is inevitable if we are living … and it’s good! Right!!?

The image I’ve included here was made just for me by a person close to our family. They knew I was struggling to understand the changes swirling around me. It is a simple reminder of the beauty of change. Often we may feel surrounded by things that we cannot control or even explain, certainly not understand, and this illustration shows that beauty can come from it … we just have to wait.

Yes, change is good and although we can’t control much of the change that we experience in life, including the change in our skin after a sun filled summer and definitely the change that comes as we are “blessed with more years” (my preferred paradigm for the aging process); we can HELP the evidence of the changes!!

How you say? Our skin, all wrapped up like a cocoon under damaged layers often with stirred up melanin on the face and other exposed areas (we lovingly call these “brownies”), can be set free in time with Gentle BBL’s, Gentle Microlaserpeels or SkinMedica Vitalize chemical peels

And if your feet have enjoyed the freedom of sandals and flip flops all summer as mine have, without the benefit of a regular pedicure you are probably fighting dry and possibly cracked skin. Ask Michelle about our newest Clarasonic marvel, The Smart Profile with a Pedi Replenishment Set. We’ll have a testimony and photos of one young woman’s trek with this wonderful new device to reclaim softer, healthier skin on her feet soon … more to come on that 🙂

Let’s enjoy this season of change … embracing those things we can’t control and recognizing there is beauty in it … and making some changes to our skin that will release it’s natural beauty!! It’s possible!! We’ll show you how!!

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