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What’s Your Style?

The Lazy River … OR … White Water Rafting? The calm smooth inlet or bay … OR … the crashing waves? The gradual curvy trail up the mountain … OR … the steep shorter climbs to the top?

What kind of Fun in the Sun are you having this year? The way we vacation, relax and getaway is different for each of us … so which of the above might you think is my style?

If you picked the lazy river, calm smooth inlet, and gradual curvy trail up the mountain … then you guess right!

Although I am up for a challenge at times, I’m also a “let’s do this gradually” kind of a girl. So begins my story of this 4th of July getaway in West Virginia. It was a beautiful place on top of a mountain where Dan & I relaxed, had no schedule, and woke up each day with, “what shall we do today?” on our minds.

On the 4th we decided to take a hike from the top of the mountain (the Summit Trail), to about 1/2 the way down to a shorter trail, called Falling Waters Trail. Then, of course, back up to the top! Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, I was a bit challenged with each steep downward trail, knowing we would be coming back up again, but I thought: “no problem, I got this”.

That downward trek took about 30 minutes and we then arrived at a Y in the trail. One choice was a steep climb up, and the other, a gradual more level path, but gradually downward (this should have been our first clue we were not heading up the mountain).

As you can probably surmise at this point in my story, the gradual path led us further down the mountain, leaving a much longer and steeper path back to the summit! Gulp!

“No problem”, my cheerleader husband says, “let’s go for it!”

And so we did …

Now remember, I’m the gradual curvy trail, up the mountain kind of girl and this path was anything but that.

By now, it was HOT in the summer sun, and I hate to admit … we didn’t take any water with us! I know, not very smart.

I am chastising myself as we walk further for not being more diligent with regular cardio workouts, as I feel the stress and the tiredness weighing down on me.

Needless to say we had to stop after each steep incline, so I could continue to breathe and allow my heart to settle down!  

About 3/4 the way up the mountain we had the choice to veer off the trail to a parking lot along the road, and call for a ride to the top. I quickly decided this is exactly what I needed. 

Then I had to convince Dan it’s OK and no, “I’d rather not wait alone while he finishes the 750 feet of elevation hike, to get our car and return for me” … This was a humbling experience for me, without a doubt!

So, you can only imagine I wasn’t such a happy camper, and felt incredible relief when able to wait for our rescuer. In reviewing the trail map, we discovered that the path we were on to return was a double diamond (the most difficult) … nice!

One or more of our grown children will accompany Dan on foot up the Summit Trail in the future while this “need to prepare, lazy river, gradual trail up the mountain“ girl does her homework; conditioning more, understanding the paths, and taking a little at a time trails, until I am up for the challenge!!

As upsetting as it was for me to have to call a driver to rescue me, I also understand something extremely important : I know my style! 

It’s important for us all to know what style we are when it comes to vacations, as the point of each vacation is to relax!

When it comes to our skin, it’s just as important to know what treatments (aka : styles) are best for you.

I have some exciting new laser treatments to share with you, and when it comes to correcting sun damage, achieving more even skin tone, smaller pores, smoother skin, less fine lines and wrinkles you have to decide what your style is!  

1-Introducing  Gentle Rejuvenation with a BBL or Microlaserpeel: each treatment $100

  • This is the gradual, curvy trail laser treatment that will correct what the summer sun has done. You won’t be calling anyone for help with this laser treatment, cuz there is no downtime!
  • Quick 10 minutes, no topical anesthetic needed, and best of all, NO down time!
  • Consider monthly x 3 to get gradual correction and quarterly to maintain
  • A great adjunct to Botox and Juvederm

2- The Standard BBL or Microlaserpeel, each treatment $345.

  • This is the “let’s go for it” by taking some steep paths (as needed), might be a bit uncomfortable, but I’m for for a challenge laser treatment!
  • More aggressive, 20 minutes, topical anesthetic recommended, bold “brownies” for
  • 7-10 days and some redness and swelling for a few days.
  • More correction in one treatment; biannually or annually to maintain

3- Total Resurfacing –  Combination Microlaserpeel/Profraction (MLP/PROF) – each treatment $1200

  • This is no doubt the double diamond trail that will achieve your objective, and will require some hand holding along the way laser treatment. The process is arduous, but you will get to your goal quicker, with less repeat treatments.
  • Up to 90 minutes, topical and oral anesthetic required, 7-10 days down time!
  • An aggressive treatment to smooth, thicken, lighten skin; repeat as desired.

We look forward to guiding you on the trail to skin rejuvenation! Consider your “style”, and give us a call today!  Hope you’re enjoying your summer time fun!!

P.S. For those of you who know him, Bailey was with us too … tongue hanging out:)

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