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Summer Fun with NO REGRETS!

After such a long cold winter, we are ready to enjoy the warmth of the sun and replenish our Vitamin D! But those hot summer sun rays will undoubtedly leave you with sun damage in the form of brown spots or redness, as well as skin that ages faster as a result of sun exposure and dryness. So how can we enjoy the summer months but avoid sun damage? Read on for our tips on all the summer fun with no skincare regrets!

Keep Those Dreaded Age Spots Under Control

We all know that sun exposure causes freckles (aka brown spots). Freckles are cute to a certain point, but over time without sun protection, they can multiply and turn into large age spots that become bothersome. 

  • A botanically based skin lightening product, like SkinMedica’s Lytera Pigment Correcting Serum or Alastin Restorative Skin Complex, applied twice daily, will fight melanin’s production (the source of those brown spots) that UV exposure stirs up.
  • Sunscreen daily and reapply every 90-120 minutes! Whenever you’re out, use a mineral UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen and reapply. Sunscreen wears off and is no longer effective around that 2-hour mark, so reapplication is non-negotiable! Start in the morning with a tinted SPF like Alastin HydraTint or a cream-type (you can apply SPF under your makeup). Reapplication is the easiest with the Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-On SPF 50
  • Make hats a summer wardrobe staple!
Manage Premature aging and fight wrinkles

Nothing breaks down skin cells and ages you faster than unchecked sun exposure. Your collagen and elastin production starts to decline at around age 20 and really kicks into gear at 30-35.  Excessive sun exposure (or tanning beds) will speed up that decline exponentially – yikes!

  • Protect against collagen depletion with SkinMedica’s Vitamin C & E in the morning or Alastin Restorative Skin Complex applied twice daily to protect healthy cells and eliminate the damaged ones.
  • Sunscreen daily…daily…daily! And reapply! Sunscreen protects your skin from sunspots and wrinkles. So, are you committed to sunscreen yet?
  • Stay hydrated! Drinks lots of water–it’s good for your skin and your body. And look for an oil-free moisturizer with ceramides, peptides, and/or hyaluronic acid. UV rays dry your skin, depleting it of the moisture it needs to keep it soft and supple-looking.
  • Consider adding HydraFacial to your skincare routine. Having a HydraFacial every 1-2 months will keep your skin clean and hydrated so you can keep fighting the signs of aging. Bonus points that it’s a relaxing time out you can take for yourself!

Enjoy the warm weather–no regrets! Some simple changes will help protect your skin for the long run and help you avoid sun damage. Like this post or have questions? Leave us a comment below or send us an email at!

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