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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

It’s a new year and new things are on the horizon, both welcome and sometimes not so welcome. New relationships, new job opportunities, new outlooks on life and new life itself … most always received with a smile 🙂

Wrinkles, unwanted hair, age spots, saggier skin, extra pounds, changed relationships, to name a few … not usually received with a smile.

Here at New Image we hope that your 2013 was a blessed year full of happy surprises although we also understand that “life happens” and know that some of you have experienced some of the less then desirable life situations. For those of you that have been with us for a while you understand that we love to celebrate the happy and exciting things in your life with you and also share the sorrow and unhappy circumstances that come your way.

Our goal always is to help bring a bounce in your step and a “twinkle” in your eye …

it’s amazing how a gentle enhancement of your appearance thru injectables like Botox or Juvederm, a brightening of your countenance via a HydraFacial or chemicl peel under the gentle hands of Erin, our esthetician; and even the skin rejuvenation effects of a BBL or MicroLaserpeel/Profraction can boost your confidence! Topped off with the effective support for your skin from SkinMedica skincare products and the added “twinkle” that comes with a light beauty enhancing application of Colorescience, we have the privilege of watching the bounce continue and some new “twinkles” appear with each of our clients!

To each of us at New Image, you are all stars! We love interacting with you and sharing life with you! We wish you the very best in this new year and will leave you with this final thought.

What we do here is to enhance your already natural God given beauty, never intending to stop the clock of time but only slow down the evidence of its passing. You have heard about balanced thinking about our appearance from me in the past and I think this little phrase I saw on an accent pillow while away for a week-end in November expresses that philosophy:

“Everyone needs a twinkle in their wrinkle.”

Let’s always remember that although we may not be able to prevent or correct EVERY wrinkle, with good preventative care and a few “tweeks” here and there we can have a bounce in our step and a “twinkle”. . . .in our eyes and where ever else they may land!

Blessings to you in the new year!! Don’t forget, if you earned beauty bucks in December, bring them in to redeem in January! That ought to bring a twinkle!!

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