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First Repair, Then Rehydrate And Renew


Here is my daughter, Heidi, 2 weeks after her BBL to repair the sun damage she collected this past summer with her two active boys! She feels brighter and more beautiful without all those brownies! She’s now ready for step 2 of winter favorites … a Hydrafacial to help rehydrate her sun sabotaged skin!


Hydrafacials exfoliate our skin, open our pores, cleanse them with a vacuum system, AND hydrate with wonderful serums giving back the moisture dehydrated by the sun. A wonderful treatment 2 weeks after the BBL to help bring our “glow” back. This leaves our skin more refined, radiant, and ready to receive the renewing products we use daily!! Yes, I said daily. Our skin needs renewed daily to do its best and there are many different ways to achieve that with any size pocketbook. Let Erin help craft you the renewal system that best works for you.


So, once we’ve repaired and rehydrated we’re good to go, right? Well yes, for a time, but reality is we must continue to protect and treat our skin to get the best result and enjoy the most youthful appearance as possible. Our skin will continue to turn over on it’s own, but like any machine out there requires lubricated, fueled, and protected, our skin does also to renew at it’s best.

A good anti-oxidant like Vitamin C&E Complex every morning to diminish free radical damage and diminish inflammation; and Tri-Retinol Complex every evening to encourage the turn over; topped off with one of our 5 SkinMedica moisturizers will keep your skin in renewal!

And if you want to give it an extra boost budget in one of the growth factor products, TNS Recovery Complex or TNS Essential Serum … have the growth factors in your skin gone on extended vacation … or worse yet, retired … oh, that’s a subject for another time! Hope you’re practicing the 3 R’s I just described!

Give us a call, we’d love to help! Of course, we could chat over coffee if you’d prefer 🙂

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